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Everyone should have one.

I’m refreshed but anxious at the airport. Coming home alone to two kids who have a lot of needs to be met is daunting. Thanks to Power School I know that Jane has turned in shit for homework while I was gone.

I’m frustrated with her lack of organization. She gets straight A’s and then doesn’t turn in something like five assignments at once. Naturally no one tells me until it is too late and rather than having the opportunity to teach my child I get to be the punitive bitch. I’ll be walking in the door to my house at 4pm, and by 5 Jane and I will be reworking the five assignments. My hope is that we’re done by 6 and that there are no tears.

It would be easier if Jane was dumb. If a B was the best she could do we’d be celebrating her her right now.

I cannot wait for summer

1 thought on “Vacation”

  1. Jane sounds EXACTLY like me when I was young.

    Because I went to a public school I got away with a lot more. I would lose my homework after I did it or forget where I put my work or what I turned in and what I didn’t. My teachers handed me new planners when I lost them and even had teachers aids attempt to organize my desk. It never failed that I spent the last week of the semester making up 20 assignments that I did and lost and barely passing because I was late.

    I remember my mom being very frustrated and me being both annoyed and having total breakdowns over it. She is an incredibly smart girl. She will get it done right :)

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