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Momversation: How Do You Handle Nudity?

Y’all might not believe it, but for the first time in weeks I sort of agree with the other panelists. Join me, Rebecca Woolf and Whitney Moss as we discuss kids and nudity.

Are your kids asking for privacy or did you give it to them preemptively? Maybe you’re not there yet? I want to know what’s happening in your house.

2 thoughts on “Momversation: How Do You Handle Nudity?”

  1. We’ve got a weird set up in our house – my guy isn’t my oldest’s bio dad.. the boy is 6, and so he is kinda shy about DH seeing him naked. They handle it in a very manly fashion… “cover up your junk and get your butt out of the shower!” or “eeew put some pants on, you big butthead!” … that said, we also have an almost-2-year-old nudist in the house who’s figured out how to get her diaper off, and I breastfeed in the living room, I don’t care who’s around. (My house – you don’t want to see my tits, go home.)

  2. I can imagine the scenario Evin describes as having an impact on a kid’s comfort, but in my experience, not at 6. This weekend I was sharing a vacation house with 4 other families. The oldest kids were 6.5 year old boys and they got naked (beach vacation) and wandered around the house absent-mindedly, apparently with comfort.

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