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  1. We’ve got a weird set up in our house – my guy isn’t my oldest’s bio dad.. the boy is 6, and so he is kinda shy about DH seeing him naked. They handle it in a very manly fashion… “cover up your junk and get your butt out of the shower!” or “eeew put some pants on, you big butthead!” … that said, we also have an almost-2-year-old nudist in the house who’s figured out how to get her diaper off, and I breastfeed in the living room, I don’t care who’s around. (My house – you don’t want to see my tits, go home.)

  2. I can imagine the scenario Evin describes as having an impact on a kid’s comfort, but in my experience, not at 6. This weekend I was sharing a vacation house with 4 other families. The oldest kids were 6.5 year old boys and they got naked (beach vacation) and wandered around the house absent-mindedly, apparently with comfort.

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