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Soleil Moon Frye and I Will Have to Agree to Disagree

Watch the first segment and tell me if that’s an artist or a cute four year old with some wacky parents?

5 thoughts on “Soleil Moon Frye and I Will Have to Agree to Disagree”

  1. It has always amazed me as to what passes for art, much less uber expensive art these days. My daughter has splattered paint all over a canvas. It was creative and pretty but not what I would call high art or Jackson Pollock-esque.

    And yes, wacky parents but also a cute 4 year old.

  2. I think she’s adorable and if she’s found her “passion” at the ripe old age of four then kudos to her and her parents for allowing her to explore and get messy. Which I think is by far much more fun for her and, if in the process she can sell a few paintings…to someone who thinks it’s uber cool and gorgeous what harm is there in that?

    Do I think it’s art? Um……..more like arts and crafts time that’s gone way outta control, which is perfectly fine for this craft crazed Mama!

  3. I think she clearly loves what she’s doing and I would hang her artwork on my wall… if she were my daughter. Is it worth thousands of dollars? Only to the people shelling out the cash.I wouldn’t pay that much for it. Is it art? I think when a kid has that much exposure to anything, something – talent, desire, or hatred for it, will form. Give it a few years, see where the road takes her, and if SHE’S still pursuing it, and our ADHD society isn’t onto the next BIG THING… perhaps everybody is right, I wouldn’t bet on it. But maybe.

  4. I started painting at that age and can say with almost certainty that she has been coached not only on how to create her “art” but also on how to act like an artist. “Welcome to my space!” Please. No four year old would come up with that line on her own. I felt the same way about the boy painting prodigy out of England a while back. Kids can be very interesting and creative if left to their own devices. I’m all about providing children with the tools they need to explore their interests, but I’m tired of contrived geniuses.

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