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The Baby Mohawk: A Video to Alienate a Whole New Group of You

So basically I’m judging you. So is everyone else… they just don’t admit it in polite company.

Be sure to thumb this video up on YouTube if you enjoyed it… you know, karma and all.

16 thoughts on “The Baby Mohawk: A Video to Alienate a Whole New Group of You”

  1. I’m not a real big fan of product in little kids’ hair. So a mohawk on a 1 year old… not my thing. When they’re old enough to ask… another story altogether. 

  2. I would if he asked.  I see a lot of older kids with them around here.  If he (or she) wanted one, I’d help, but I try not to impose my own sense of style on them once they start screaming No, I’m not wearing that!

  3. I so appreciate this video, as it relates to grown men getting mohawks, as well.  Sometimes we have to be judgy mcjudgerson!

  4. I did fauxhawks on my boys when they were little and buzzed real mohawks as soon as they really wanted them. even in kindergarten they are very much the ‘thing’ in our area and I have always said I would let me kids do whatever they wanted with their hair.  It’s just hair, it will always grown back. I honestly have a WAY bigger problem with moms of girls who force them to sit for an hour to have their hair styled when they have no interest in it.  I’m totally judgey but I think there are much better things to judge about especially since unless its actually a BABY (which most of the photos of celeb kids that flashed up were not) you can’t know that it wasn’t the kids choice to get that hair style!!

  5. Well OK then.
    When he was about 3 1/2, my son asked for a mohawk. So we gave him a mohawk. He asked for several more over the years, but hasn’t in over a year now. It was his choice, and given the issues within our family, the last thing I want to fight about, is hair. Honestly, I think there’s more of an accessory factor in the clothes we buy for our kids. We buy clothes we want to see our children dressed in. Same thing.

  6. You seem almost angry in the video.  It upsets you that much?  It seems like you’re saying parents who style their kids’ hair have too much time on their hands…but you are apparently taking the time not only to judge them, but to share with the Internet just how much you judge them.

    I’m kind of curious if you judge parents who put those little headbands on their baby girls, or maybe those little clips that attach to the barely there hair.  I am not sure what the difference is in terms of time and attention, except for the social construct of gender.

  7. I don’t have a boy, but if I did and he asked me for a mohawk, I’d give him one. I try not to limit my girls in what they can do with their hair (outside of chemical alteration…honestly, they’re 3 and 4) because I think it’s important that they can express themselves in that simple of a way. When I take my girls to get their hair cut, I ask THEM what THEY want. I think by doing something with their hair just because I want it, THAT is when they become an accessory. If five ponytails makes my little girl happy, why would I tell her she can’t have it? Is it that important for my children to “fit in” that I don’t want their hair to look “silly” in someone else’s eyes. That’s the absolute antithesis to what I teach my children every single day.

    So yes. I would give my child a mohawk if that is what they want.

  8. I would let them have one…if they asked for one.  That said, I really don’t care what people do with their kids hair.  Not on the top of my worry list.

  9. Those remind me of the hairdo’s my boys have when they get out of the bathtub. LMAO… ridiculous to go in public looking like that.  I always think to my self… lol what the heck didn’t anyone help that child with his hair.

    I’m with you simply crazy .. but I did let my little guy do the messy bed hairdo because he loves it lol and my mother always says if you want to go out looking like a horses *you know what go ahead.

  10. I am thankful I do not have sons…That being said, a friend of mine cuts their sons hair with kind of a mohawk – not a tall one or anything, just the hair cut.  It looks cute on him cause he is a WILD CHILD… but no, I would never do that to MY sons hair… if I had one..

  11. I’m not cool enough to put a mohawk in my kids’ hair LOL!! Seriously though, I don’t think I could do it because it gives the kids a ton of attention and this can be bad for shy kids. My daughter is 4 years old and hates it when people stop to talk to her. My son gets shy too and becomes “spiderman” (complete with shooting web to the stranger) when people try to talk to him.

    So basically, my family and my kids don’t like to be talked to, so no mohawk for us. hehehehe

  12. I honestly don’t care one way or another. I will say that I never thought to give my child a mohawk when he was little, it just wasn’t something that was in. If he had asked for one then well it would have been his choice. I’ve always let him get any style of hair cut that he has wanted though and he’s had many over the years from very long (below the shoulder) thick hair, to a buzz, to his current long-bangs-short-back-with red dyed-streaks style. My young daughter is pretty conservative with her hair and just has a trim every few months to keep it healthy. The thing I have a problem with is when children under the age of 14/15 have all over dyed hair. It annoys the hell out of me to see a 10 year old with bleached blond or dyed black hair! 

  13. Omg! Who do you think you are?? Seriously if your so concerned about my parenting because my son has a Mohawk? You need to get your head out of your ass and concentrate on your own parenting skills! Your on the right path to raising an obnoxious judgemental child! Go you! Pfffft!

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