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The Bubba Keg

At last night’s soccer practice Junior was in cute overload mode. He was freshly fluffed and bouncing around the sidelines looking for love wherever he could find it.

One of the moms on the team was sitting in her chair and put her hand down to pet him. Junior bounced over to her and we compared notes. We both have poodles.

Aren’t they smart.
Well yes they are.
And easy to train.
My goodness Junior was trained in a day.
They don’t bark.

We nodded at each other knowingly because all those other assholes at the park have horrible beastly barking dogs.

And then Junior lifted his leg and peed all over her daughter’s soccer water.

If anyone knows where I could find a Bubba Keg I’d be grateful.

bubba keg

7 thoughts on “The Bubba Keg”

      1. If I were her I would just sterilize it in the dishwasher. If I were you I would replace it. :-)

        Funny story, Jessica! And isn’t that just always the way…

  1. My husband bought his at Home Depot.  Although…You can have mine.  It’s orange, and it is missing the weird little frozen thing in the bottom – but you can have it if you want it.  :)

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