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It’s been THREE hours since my last blog post and eighty gazillion publicists have sent me 732 pitches for holiday gift guides. I’m deleting them all, I hope you’ll forgive me when I delete the follow up emails too.

My gift guide is almost done. I’ll suggest a few items that I’ve bought myself this year. That is all. I won’t suggest anything I don’t own and know to be wonderful. You can shop the sales if you want or if you’re like me you’ll shop this week and use an app to get a price adjustment next week.

Actually if you’re really like me you’ll you’re on your way to the grocery store to buy stuff for the food pantry, because stocking up for holiday toys that no one really cares about can be fun, but it’s a luxury and it’s good to be cognizant of luxuries.

In the coming days I’m going to give you details of my trip and why Mexico is my new old favorite, I’ll tell you about my upgraded mattress, and why Mr. G. and I are going to start a new family tradition of flying like the president and vice president.

I will not recommend toys and games for your children for the holidays because if your kids want a toy or a game they’ve probably already told you about it. I will not recommend a special holiday drink because I’m Jewish, we just hold up a glass of wine, say l’chaim and get on with the show.

Buy yourself something nice, buy a stranger something nice. If you want to give for the holidays try giving Gideon and Leah the chance to go to High School.

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