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Redshirting Boys for Kindergarten: What did You Do?

This is my very favorite momversation. You can see that we’re all in Daphne’s kitchen and the really nice thing is that Rebbeca, Daphne and I are friends. This is exactly how we chat together.

In any event I know that not all kids are ready for kindergarten, just as I know academically that some kids could skip a grade. I still think it’s a bad plan, and if you watch the video you’ll see why.

What do you think? When will you send your kids to kindergarten?

4 thoughts on “Redshirting Boys for Kindergarten: What did You Do?”

  1. This was a true delight to watch. Fun to see you all chat together. My daughter was born in mid-August, so she’ll likely always be the youngest in her class as she *just* beats the official cut-off. I’m okay with that. She’s now three and the youngest in her preschool class, and doing just fine. It seems like a very individual decision, but it seems redshirting got a bit out of hand due to parental fears stoked by the media. Kids are resilient and we should have faith in our instincts and ability to handle issues that pop up.

  2. If they have a Sep – Dec birthday, I think they should be held back. I don’t want my 17yo daughter with 18 and 19yo boys. It’s just too young. 

    Luckily, my daughter’s bday is December 9th so she was past the cutoff, I didn’t even have to worry about it. My son’s bday is in March so he’s smack in the middle, I’m fine with it. 

    I have some friends who have Aug & Nov birthdays. Both girls, both are holding back. One because her daughter still sucks her thumb, is very immature, and needs more time. The other, her girls are very mature but she wants her kids with her another year. 

    Other one was pushed forward, her bday is Sep 6th and her Mom fought with the administration (of my private school) to be admitted. She was probably borderline. 

    I think it makes sense. Keep them home another year to be kids and be able to handle the work and the full school day. 

  3. I have four boys. I have not held either of my older two back due to their “late” birthdays (Aug&sept). Both are doing just fine. I have no plans of holding the younger two back either (both sept birthdays).

    It seems so many people are thinking forward too far ahead… High school sports mostly (here in Utah at least), and honestly I don’t know about your crystal ball but mine gets kinda foggy when I try and see what’s going on next week much less ten years from now.

    My thoughts? If your child is socially ready and capable, send them. :)

  4. Personally, I was one of those kids who was past the cut off, as I am a November baby, and still ended up being able to enter school.  I was a whopping few months younger than the majority of my peers.  I feel that schools age was far more loosely defined when I was a child, as I know some of my other friends whom were also born around or after me within my grade level.  Other than my parents having to listen to me complain about being 15 when many of my friends were 16 and driving at the beginning of the school year, I do not think it caused long term damage to be a little younger than the majority of my peers.

    I live in the crazy land of northern VA where academic excellence and IQ testing seems to be a competitive sport for parents.  I am in the situation where my youngest may be at home a year later than I was because she doesn’t make the September 30th cut off date for school age in VA.  Will she be ready for school or not, time will tell that.  But I find it a tad bit ridiculous that if she is ready that she will have to wait a whole 365 days because she is 36 days past what was defined for school age, regardless of her mental preparedness for school.  

    I realize for young children developmental milestones come rapidly and as a result parental discretion is definitely relevant in this issue.  But if people are hoping for a academic edge for their child by holding them back from kindergarten, I feel that is sort of wonky.  I do not think the academic edge they theoretically will have in kindergarten will necessarily carry them all the way through high school.

    In reference to Kristi’s comment I am not sure what she means when referring to a 17 yo daughter around 18 and 19 yo boys.  Last I checked high school contains grades 9-12 which includes the gambit from 13 year old boys and girls onward up through the higher teens.

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