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We are Skipping the Jesus Discount

Madonna and baby jesus with a halo

Since Alexander is in fifth grade it’s time to give serious thought to where he will attend school in the sixth grade. Both kids are currently at a K-8 school but many of the high schools have great middle schools attached to them. It might make more sense to switch in the 6th or 7th grade (depending upon the year the schools begin) than in the 9th. It’s also entirely possible that he’ll stay where he is for another three years.

We went to the one school near our house that we LOVED. Alexander took the ISEE exams and absolutely bombed them in every possible way. Hopefully they’re not in the mood for kids that do well on standardized tests?

After having apoplexy over the price of a private education in Los Angeles Mr. G and I decided to explore Catholic schools. One of the high schools nearby is Catholic, reasonably priced and the kids are just terrific. A little further down the road is a Catholic middle and high school. We had a tour this morning thinking that at a third the cost of regular private schools we might want to check it out for the Jesus discount. 

The campus is beautiful but massive. With 700 plus students in the middle school there are large grassy fields and more lockers and low slung classrooms than I’ve ever seen in one place. There were a lot of Catholic statues: Jesus, Mary and I’m assuming Joseph(?). Since Xmas was just a few days ago there were also nativity scenes still on display.

Mr. G walked into the office, sat down below the painting of a haloed Jesus and glowered at me. Not a pretty start. We met the head of admissions and then the head of school and started feeling more at ease. They were articulate and bright, they were committed to education. Other families arrived late and extremely casual on a work day. When I found out that one was an alumni father and I thought we might be in the wrong place.

I loved hearing about the curriculum (Mandarin for everyone!), the sports, clubs (robotics!) and the faculty. I didn’t love the class size but given the Jesus discount I was prepared to have to give a little on that front.

We asked about religion and were told that about 50% of the school was not Catholic which was a really interesting number, but when I asked pointedly about the Catholic Church and science education I got a vague answer about the two being in concert. There was some waving of hands and I definitely heard “Creationism” before I tuned out entirely.

We left before the tour of the classrooms. I’ll just have to blog a little more and perhaps find a few sponsors so that Jesus doesn’t have to swoop in and sponsor Alexander’s education. 

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