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Susan G. Komen Foundation Funds Planned Parenthood Again

Susan G. Komen Foundation reverses decision to end grants to Planned Parenthood

This is the Yahoo Headline. It’s followed by few words, because really the headline IS the story. I don’t like the pinkification of a disease that ravages women, it ravages more than their breasts, though the breasts are what people love to discuss.

The question remains: is the damage done? Is it just too late to get everyone back?

I think it is.

pink 22 handgun

There was never any controversy about the Walther P-22 handgun that benefitted the Susan G Komen marketing machine. Why? Well, because like abortions handguns are legal.

The question I’d like to ask of all of you is how you’ll spend that time. You see the Susan G Komen Foundation didn’t just steal your money and spend it suing other non profits who are actively seeking cures for cancer, they stole your time.

All that time spent walking, training and fundraising. My question to you is this:

How will you use that time to benefit women in your own backyard? It could prove to be quite valuable.


UPDATE: Folks keep asking if this is a real gun. Yes, it is… you know the saying, “Some comedy writes itself.”

UPDATE: The Susan G Komen foundation also stopped funding embryonic stem cell research centers. If you think for a single solitary second that SGK cares about the health of women you are wrong.  

7 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen Foundation Funds Planned Parenthood Again”

  1. I hear what you are saying Jessica but I wonder how many people outside of the blogosphere take any time to look more deeply into what is going on at Komen.

    I suspect that many won’t and that the news of the ‘reversal’ will be enough for them to go back to the bubble they walk around in.

  2. I can’t believe that handgun is real. I used a cigarette package in my blog post, but it wasn’t real. I’m speechless with that one.

  3. It’s absolutely a case of too little, too late. I have learned a lot about SGK in the past week, and I’m not alone. Not just about their ability to be swayed by politics, but about other ways they use money raised that doesn’t benefit a single cancer patient. It was a real eye opener to a lot of people. My money will go elsewhere from now on. I’ve already donated my annual Race for the Cure registration fee to Planned Parenthood, and have signed up to volunteer at the Rocky Mountain Avon walk. 

    1. Do your research with Avon. They haven’t managed money well historically and the products they sell may or may not have ingredients that may or may not be problematic.
      Again I don’t know anything concretely. I haven’t researched but I’d be curious to see what people ate finding.

  4. The whole pink ribbon campaign has pissed me off for years. Mainly because all these companies that support it only support that campaign. You can buy practically anything with an association with that pink ribbon — canned food, make-up, kitchen appliances — every seen anything like that for cervical cancer or HPV?

    There is more to a woman than a pair of boobs. No one knows that January was Cervical Cancer Awareness month. Did you? Not likely because it gets no press. But as a cervical cancer survivor, it pisses me off. This month is Women’s heart disease month. Everyone knows about the Red Dress Campaign, right? But not cervical cancer month. I say stop donating to Susan G. Komen and start donating to HPV is the most prevalent STD there is but, in my opinion, because it doesn’t affect men often or something they care about (tits), no one cares.

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