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I Don’t Even Know What Oprah Just Converted Me To

So I’m at this lifeclass and I’m watching Oprah Winfrey and Bishop TD Jakes turn lives around. It’s part talk show, it’s part sermon and part intervention.

I never in a million years thought that I’d be willing to listen to the message of a mega church (I’m sorry I still don’t know what a bishop actually IS). But the messages are universal, motherhood is hard, you’ve got to be surrounded by great people if you’re going to be great.

Jimmy Graham’s story is incredible and if you only turn on the TV to hear it be told you will be delighted and inspired. It’s a human story, it’s not about being a man or a woman, but about being part of a family, creating family, knowing what’s available and seizing it.

There are interviews, which she is amazing at and I can tell you that when she talks to you, when her eyes lock on you and there’s a connection it’s something that sticks.

My friend Yvonne says she prays at the church of Oprah… I think it’s probably a very good place to observe.


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