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I’m Mostly Out of Words

There were things I wanted to write about but they came before Alexander’s 102 degree fever.

I wanted to share with other bloggers that I too feel like quitting on more than one occasion. I know what it’s like to be passed up for an event or a trip that’s just perfect for this community and I get irritated when they choose someone else. I also know that I’m not in competition with other writers and that what is good for them is good for me.

I know how it feels to think that no one is actually reading because there are no comments but I also know how it feels to get registered mail that thanks you for talking about uncomfortable truths.

There are decisions bloggers make. Sometimes they add slideshows, sometimes we break posts up into multiple pages. We do whatever we can to add page views and we push until our readers push back.

We give our readers the best words we can write and hope against hope that they’ll share them with friends. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they just fall in the forest like a tree alone and the truth is that it doesn’t matter if anyone hears it drop, there were no ads.

Blogging can be solitary and discouraging. Don’t quit. It’ll change.


12 thoughts on “I’m Mostly Out of Words”

  1. Computer ate my comment, or at least I think it did. If I am wrong you’ll get this twice.

    Anyhoo, some of the best writing we do as bloggers comes after we fight through the discouragement.

  2. Thanks Jess. I don’t know if I’m convinced it will change, though. I am hoping that it will and I do believe that this stuff matters.

    It’s really nice to have someone like you out there. 

  3. Thank you for this Jessica. I always think of you as a bad-ass, in every best sense of the word. Good to see your soft side, it reminds us to show ours.

  4. First and most importantly I hope your son is feeling better. Secondly it’s always nice to hear from the Top, Most Influential, Powerhouse Bloggers that they too are going through or have gone through what everyone else is going through. Sometimes I sit and think… What’s the Point of it all. (My blog, not my life. Ha) But then I read this & remember, we all are one. Thanks!

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