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Jaguar Puts a Mechanic in the Trunk

I brought the Jaguar in for service earlier this week. I’m shocked and delighted to report to you that the Cube is a perfectly lovely vehicle that drives nicely and has a crazy amount of room for everyone inside. Still, I was looking forward to being back in the snooty-mobile.

Humberto called to tell me that the car was finished yesterday in the afternoon. He explained that the sunroof was loose and there was a nail in the right rear tire. The routine maintenance was also complete. I told him that there was a good rattle coming from the back of the car and if he wouldn’t mind I’d like him to drive the car a little and confirm that there was no longer a rattle.

This morning Humberto called to explain that there had been something loose in the wheel well and that it had been fixed. He went on to explain that it had been difficult to locate the exact source of the sound so one mechanic drove around the neighborhood while another rode in the trunk. The mechanic in the trunk was able to find the loose parts and repair them right away.

I wonder if there’s a minimum price to get a skilled tradesman into the trunk of a moving vehicle? I’m thinking that Honda and Toyota might let it rattle or perhaps find another diagnostic tool.

Maybe the new ad slogan could be something to the effect of “We put a mechanic in each automobile… but don’t tell your insurance company”.


7 thoughts on “Jaguar Puts a Mechanic in the Trunk”

  1. I think they just read your blog and figured that you might trap a poor sap in you car along with a stinky fart, so they were like, “Hey, let’s beat her to the punch!”

    Well played, Jaguar. 

  2. Oh my. That Is concerning from an insurance stand point. I’m thinking that their insurance would have to cover any issues because I’m pretty sure that YOU never okayed a person riding in a freaking TRUNK!

  3. I HAD to comment because as I read this I laughed SO loud, then read it to my boyfriend who owns Sports Cars Garage in Palm Desert, CA. They work on high-end sports cars, too. He looked at me as I read it and laughed again and with the straightest face, said “Yeah, we’ve done that, too.” Apparently it was in a Mini Cooper… can you imagine?! LOL

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