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I Can’t Blog Because Of AT&T Uverse

I’m working off a laptop in a doctor’s office waiting room using my clear connection (which is slow but reliable and lovely).

After months of slow speeds AT&T sent a tech out to fix my horrendous uverse situation. I then paid for a faster connection with top speeds not at just 18mbps but 24mbps.

Last week I was online at 6-10 mpbs… and after a zillion emails service went back up to 20, acceptable but not dazzling. I received no credit on my bills for the months of substandard service.

Today I have no internet at all. None.

Next week I’ll file a small claims lawsuit against AT&T for failing to live up to their contract. I imagine the judge will be amused by my history with them.

9 thoughts on “I Can’t Blog Because Of AT&T Uverse”

  1. Bobbie {OneScrappyMom}

    That’s lovely! I seriously have read/heard this from probably 200+ people, including myself. We are back with Time Warner, even though it’s sub-par, it’s better then Uverse EVER was. At least I only deal with the occasional slow periods and not NO connection. Still at the end of that day, neither is acceptable. I pay my bill on time and even though I feel the charges are ridiculious, I never complain, but yet, they are ok with me getting 1/2 the services I pay for!

  2. Our experience is the same, and I’m in Georgia. Uverse is awful. The most embarrassing part is more than half the time I hop on my neighbor’s internet because I can’t get into a site. My husband curses the bill when it comes. I do have better luck with come web browsers than others. But all in all it’s UGH.

  3. Can we make it a class action lawsuit? I’m having similar issues. I paid for the higher speed internet connection only to find out MONTHS later that that speed was NOT available in my area! Was I offered a full refund of the increased price? NO.  “We can only give you a credit of $5” is what I was told.

    Seriously, this has to stop. I just had a tech out to my house, a senior one at that, but the problem with my TV channels suddenly going black or freezing has not been fixed. Nor has the problem of “private” or “unavailable” calls getting through the block on my phone been fixed.

    I’ve been dealing with these same problems since the service was installed over a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I’m stuck. The only phone carrier in my area is AT&T. I suppose I could go with a full cable via ComCast, but I had their service before for TV and it was HORRIBLE. I switched from Dish Network to AT&T because of Dish’s atrocious customer service and policies. I may have been treated like I was lower than dirt by them, but at least my service always worked properly.

  4. I’d certainly be willing to join that class action lawsuit…mine would be for deceptive billing practices…they quote a rate on the phone but bill you at a different rate.

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