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UPDATED: Michael Nodianos Rape Confession Tape

Anonymous is hacking into social media again. This time a group of football players allegedy raped a 16 year old girl.

Their coach told the press that she was making it up… you know… because these boys would never do something so horrible. I haven’t watched this video in it’s entirety but Anonymous found it I suppose and it opens with a young man talking about “not getting foreplay with a dead girl”.

Much like the kid from Sandy Hook, the Rape Crew from Steubenville, Ohio seem to be young men without a diagnosis. We like to pretend that crimes like this can only be perpetrated by the mentally ill, but let’s face facts. These young men are simply evil. We don’t have a cure for evil, we just have prisons.

Convicted or not they are dangerous and should be treated as such.

Sue me Michael Nodianos. It isn’t libel when it’s true.

If you have a strong stomach check out Local Leaks. 

Update: Mainstream media has picked up the story and I think that Anonymous done a fantastic service to the child who was kidnapped and raped as well as to the community as a whole. It’s incredibly tragic that Jane Doe had to experience this (and it seems as though we will have several more in the coming days). If you are interested in the story and don’t want soundbites you can follow #knightsec on Twitter @KYAnonymous or Prinnie @prinniedidit or you can read up at

It seems that the owner of the site is a man named Jim Parks and on the Local Leaks website anyone can download his email files. They may or may not contain child pornography and may or may not demonstrate that he’s a part of this attack and others.

There’s interesting doxing over at I’m not going to hyperlink because I’m ambivalent about doxxing as a whole but the men Anonymous is after are: Michael Nodianos, Cody Saltsman, Jake Howarth, Jordan Banks, Ryan Vodich, Harold Malone, John Linn, Dashon Redman, Anthony Craig, Evan Westlake, Mark Cole, Malik Richmond, and Trent Mays. My understanding is that with a confession and an apology they will be left alone. I’m not sure that any of these young men are smart enough to take that very generous offer.

Again, the most complete way to follow the story would be to follow @KYAnonymous on twitter.

Oh, and here’s a twitter bio of one of the little darlings.

trent mays twitter

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Michael Nodianos Rape Confession Tape”

  1. I read all the links you posted. I can’t bring myself to watch the video. I can hardly bring myself to read the info. I can’t believe there are children who can do this, and children who have to live with having this done to them. I just can’t.

    1. The MAGGOTS are NOT children; many are ADULTS by LAW. The victim is a CHILD; the maggots threw the young ones to the Sheriff, who is a maggot lover. ABDALLA REFUSES TO MAKE ANY FURTHER ARRESTS; THUS FAR GOV. KASICH IS NOT RESPONDING (BIG SURPRISE.)

  2. Thank-you for calling them evil. I have been following this story and am beyond disgusted. I can’t imagine parents who would help cover this up or a system that allows this to continue. Anonymous may not always be my favorite but at the moment I would give them a giant hug.

  3. Every single youth who watched, photographed, or videotaped the violation of this girl should face charges. Any adult who isn’t horrified and ready to take action to uncover the truth is the reason that this kind of violence and humiliation is alive today. I can’t find words to describe my disgust for all involved, from the sick, arrogant erpetrators to the cowardly onlookers and those determined to cover it all up. My one hope is that justice will be done and the victim may find a way to heal. I applaud her courage in coming forward!!

  4. Submitted on 2013/01/07 at 7:38 pm
    Shame nobody is suing Deirdre Myers, who posted the most disgusting pack of lies about the victim on Facebook. Talk about defamation.

    The girl in question was being spoken about in adulatory, passionately loving terms by one of the athletes in this situation for months, in which he declared repeatedly that her happiness was his mission for 2012, that she was his first priority, that she was amazing, beautiful, much too good for him and that he loved her. Then she broke up with him, and a matter of weeks later, this was occurring. This simple fact proves Deirdre Myers’ disgusting words about the victim are flat out impossible. She’s spreading nasty, women-hating, impossible lies to cloud the waters. If the best you can say isn’t, “They didn’t do it” but “she was worthless” then that speaks absolute volumes.

    And it is so very telling that, when hearing of a situation in which a group of boys drink underage, and engage in joint sexual activity, the focus is on the sexual morals of the only person there not to consent in any way to what was transpiring. The “cheap sluts” in this case were the ones engaging in group sexual activity, and intentionally exposing themselves. Of course, it seems in Ms Myers’ world, the simple possession of a penis is a free pass. It’s only women she judges and scorns for sexual activity. It’s sad that she feels the need to tell herself that this could never be her, or her friend, or her child, because hey, only BAD girls have this happen – right? And that she is telling herself that girls and boys can’t be friends, that young men will exploit and use any girl around them who is not chaperoned by other women. She appears to believe that we live in Saudi Arabia, in fact. It’s all the sadder, as I am married to my best friend, and we are raising a son together whom I so hope will grow to be as upstanding and decent as his father. Men are human beings too, Ms Myers. Most are not rapist animals, any more than sexual activity converts a woman to chattel.

    This girl could have walked into that room naked and drunk and it wouldn’t justify what they are alleged to have done to her. But the fact is, the people acting like whores were the boys. She was acting like someone unconscious, as Michael Nodi repeatedly stated.

    I’d also like to say that the victim is a true damn heroine. it seems a lot of young women who are treated this way are, entirely understandably, too scared to challenge it, to make a stand, to say “this is wrong, you do not do this to me, this stops now. You will not get away with this.” If Jane Doe or anyone close to her ever reads this, I just want to say that she will have directly prevented this happening to other young women. Because slimeball young men, without morals to prevent them raping, will be scared of the kind of public hatred this case is attracting. They’ll see that Michael Nodi has been forced out of university and that the sheer disgusting misogyny those boys thought they could inflict has come back to bite them hard. They’ll have daughters one day, perhaps, who will google, and learn what their fathers did. And they will have to live with that knowledge. Other young men, hearing about this case and realising how their attitudes are seen by the overwhelming majority of people, will make different decisions now from pure self-interest. They’ll be scared of consequences. And that is down to this young woman, and her courage in standing up for her rights, and the rights of women everywhere. She’s a little star, and if she were my daughter I would be so proud of her I could hardly stand it. One set of parents in this mess raised a child right: hers. They raised her to make a stand against evil, even if it might cost her personally. And they raised her with a backbone of steel. I hope she appreciates now that almost all the USA, and a lot of the world, are with her – because whatever happens legally, those tweets and that video prove she was grievously misused.

    As for the idiots arguing that posting evidence of what they’d done publicly, for anyone to see, is somehow a reason they should escape justice… erm, they need better lawyers. Posting child pornography and evidence against your own case on social media, unlocked, is not somehow a get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s evidence against you. And as for “she told him she knew he hadn’t raped her” as his lawyer is swaggeringly saying – yeah, I bet she did, when that was the rumour she was hearing, and he was swearing on Twitter nothing had happened. What sort of person would she be, if she immediately believed something so horrible of someone she knew? She had faith in his humanity, because she’s a normal human being herself who would expect that basic decency in others.

    The irony is that the people on these young men’s sides are digging their graves for them with great competence. They need new legal advisors. Ones who explain the facts of legal life to them with great rapidity. The facts of moral life might be a good followup, too. Better 15 years late than never.

    Sorry for the rant. It’s just that this case is haunting me. I just wish it weren;t the case that this Jane Doe represents many, many others, whose voices go unheard and whose suffering will not be vindicated. Again, I think we owe her a debt in raising awareness through her refusal to be intimidated and silenced. If you ever read this, young lady – you are inspirational. Don’t ever forget that. A societal shift in attitudes to sexual assault is happening right in front of our eyes – and it’s down to you.

  5. thank you ANONYMOUS for revealing this disgusting horrific crime. It could have been ANYONE’S daughter ! the fact that there was even a GIRL involved…helping those bastards….oh my god. America is so doomed with all those involved trying to cover it up.

  6. lol his ‘confession?’ he wasn’t even there. the only thing this guy is admitting on this tape is the fact he’s obviously high

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