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Harold Malone

UPDATED: Michael Nodianos Rape Confession Tape

Anonymous is hacking into social media again. This time a group of football players allegedy raped a 16 year old girl.

Their coach told the press that she was making it up… you know… because these boys would never do something so horrible. I haven’t watched this video in it’s entirety but Anonymous found it I suppose and it opens with a young man talking about “not getting foreplay with a dead girl”.

Much like the kid from Sandy Hook, the Rape Crew from Steubenville, Ohio seem to be young men without a diagnosis. We like to pretend that crimes like this can only be perpetrated by the mentally ill, but let’s face facts. These young men are simply evil. We don’t have a cure for evil, we just have prisons.

Convicted or not they are dangerous and should be treated as such.

Sue me Michael Nodianos. It isn’t libel when it’s true.

If you have a strong stomach check out Local Leaks. 

Update: Mainstream media has picked up the story and I think that Anonymous done a fantastic service to the child who was kidnapped and raped as well as to the community as a whole. It’s incredibly tragic that Jane Doe had to experience this (and it seems as though we will have several more in the coming days). If you are interested in the story and don’t want soundbites you can follow #knightsec on Twitter @KYAnonymous or Prinnie @prinniedidit or you can read up at

It seems that the owner of the site is a man named Jim Parks and on the Local Leaks website anyone can download his email files. They may or may not contain child pornography and may or may not demonstrate that he’s a part of this attack and others.

There’s interesting doxing over at I’m not going to hyperlink because I’m ambivalent about doxxing as a whole but the men Anonymous is after are: Michael Nodianos, Cody Saltsman, Jake Howarth, Jordan Banks, Ryan Vodich, Harold Malone, John Linn, Dashon Redman, Anthony Craig, Evan Westlake, Mark Cole, Malik Richmond, and Trent Mays. My understanding is that with a confession and an apology they will be left alone. I’m not sure that any of these young men are smart enough to take that very generous offer.

Again, the most complete way to follow the story would be to follow @KYAnonymous on twitter.

Oh, and here’s a twitter bio of one of the little darlings.

trent mays twitter