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Keeping Up Impressions

Mr. G had a weird flight to New York City today. Typically he gets out early in the morning but something happened with the scheduling and he was to leave on an afternoon flight that would get him to the hotel close to midnight.

I love my husband. I love his companionship and I look forward to him coming home from work each night. Except for when I don’t.

Well, to be perfectly candid I love his first night away from home. It’s not that I don’t want to be with him it’s that we all need some alone time here and there. I can tolerate the second night of a business trip but by the third night our house has a tinge of Lord of the Flies and typically Alexander is running the show with great malice.

So when the unspeakable tragedy hit Boston this afternoon Mr. G’s meeting was cancelled. I’m not sure how it relates to the work he was there to do but I’m guessing that will unfold for me at dinner tonight.

Speaking of which there is no dinner tonight. Everyone knows that the first night Mr. G travels we bring in Umami Burger. The second night he travels we raid the hot deli at Gelsons. The third night we typically call my mother… sometimes I’m weeping a little.

At this mythical dinner we’ll be having tonight I’ll have to come up with something to wear. You see in addition to the whole “no dinner when Daddy is traveling” issue there’s also the no makeup, no leg shaving, and no cleaning up the house that happens. This might the real reason I enjoy night #1.

So I’m thrilled to have my husband home tonight, though we’d both take the bombings back in a second and have him out of town but I’ve got to slap some makeup on my face, make some beds, and figure out a way to get groceries turned into a dinner is 25 minutes or less.

It’s just not pretty around here.


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