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Things Alexander Doesn’t Want to do for a Living

Alexander doesn’t know what he wants to do for a living. Give him a break, he’s only 12. He’s a pragmatic 12 year old who recognizes that he would only change his mind a million times so he’ll just make a decision later on and skip the whole mind changing part of things.

Here are the things he absolutely does not want to do for a living:

  • Be a doctor. Blood is just not interesting to him.
  • Sit at a desk and look at papers
  • Be an accountant
  • Work in agriculture. Since the only ag workers we’ve ever seen are busy picking strawberries he’s pretty sure that you make about $3 a day in agriculture
  • Train dogs, cats, bears or other animals
  • Practice law
  • Own a retail store
  • Work with his father. He’s convinced that by the time he’s ready for a job television will cease to exist

Here are some jobs he might entertain when he’s older:

  • Work in advertising, but not TV because it probably won’t exist when he’s ready for a job. Whatever it is that replaces the internet is where he’d like to work
  • Writing, but he’s not sure what he’d write
  • Teaching
  • Sportscasting (does that even require an explanation?)
  • He’d like to own a chain of stores or restaurants but not just one. We then discussed the need for an MBA (I like this career path… my old age home will be fancy)
  • He’d work at a car company in some capacity but not Ferrari, someplace that sells real cars for real people
  • Engineering or energy (none of us know enough about that to guide him at all)

2 thoughts on “Things Alexander Doesn’t Want to do for a Living”

  1. That’s awesome. Maybe he will create the thing that will replace TV and the internet. That’d be awesome. As to the stores/restaurants idea, people always will shop and eat. But MBA not necessary, as they are overrated (and a dime a dozen at this juncture). Learn by doing, not by sitting in a class (speaking from experience). Engineering or energy is also a great field. I’d suggest finding someone/a firm in your local area and asking if they would talk to him about their job and/or let him shadow them for a day. But that’s great that he isn’t settling on one idea yet and willing to be open to (almost) anything. :)

  2. Florinda Pendley Vasquez

    Speaking as an accountant, I don’t blame him in the slightest for not wanting to do it. No one is passionately inspired by debits and credits.

    My son’s an electrical engineer and works with energy systems–he’s not local, but he might be open to doing some advising. And on the side, he’s a sportswriter. Who says you have to pick just one career?

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