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Father’s Day Gifts

At nine o’clock this morning I hid a man from my husband. He stood in my kitchen sipping his coffee while the kids woke my husband up, and begged him to take them out for breakfast.

Parked in the driveway was a 2011 Jaguar XF. It took me forever to find a car with a silver/grey exterior and a light interior. Apparently we are the only people in California to want a car without a charcoal interior.

My husband was surprised and delighted. The man? He was the Jaguar salesman who got up very early on a Sunday morning to deliver a car for us.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with an XF? The car is stunning. If it reminds you a little of the Aston Martin DB7, that’s because Ian Callum designed both cars. It’s fast and quiet, which is a wonderful combination. The sound system is much finer than the ones we left behind in our BMWs, and opening and closing the vents is a joy that defies description. I’ll put it on You Tube shortly. See the video below.

My kids will always remember the day. It was really exciting for them to give their dad such an extravagant (and well received) gift.

This evening, when we went to dinner, and the kids were hanging off of him like earrings, I just thought: Perfect. My life is perfect.

I’m married to a wonderful man, and my children have the privilege of being raised by him. This is as good as it gets.