Theory Giveaway: Silk Shirt for Sexy Mommies ($400 *gasp*)

(This is a sticky post it will stay up here for the duration of the contest, September 21, please scroll down for more recent entries)

I’ve never done a giveaway before.

Heck, I haven’t done much of anything before, it’s a fairly new blog. I’d been wanting to keep things light and bright here but somehow the election got in the way.

(big payday after the jump)

In any event, before there was blogging there was eBay. When Meg Whitman was still at eBay and you could email her at and get an actual response, I made a few dollars there every minute month. Sadly, the days of seller profits going wild on eBay are over. As I prepare to close my store I realize that I’m selling stuff for almost nothing anyhow, so I might as well give y’all something for your time.

It’s a size large Mella Shirt by Theory. If you have a cocktail party (or say an LA Moms Launch party) to attend this winter, this is your shirt. All I have is a size large, so if you’re teeny tiny you can have it taken in or make a friend happy with an amazing gift.

Retail value $390.

I hate giving away all my secrets in such a public forum, but with the exception of the price tag this is the perfect Mommy Shirt. Take a look at how the front plunges, those breast pleats will flatter any size and bring you into proportion. The front ruching minimizes your waist and then… heaven! The little flares at the bottom hide the mommy goo.

If you don’t have mommy goo please don’t tell me about it. I do, it’s icky, ’nuff said.

As for the rules of the giveaway:

Comment here for one entry, do not forget to enter your email address. No one sees it but me, and I’ll need to contact you.

Write a short post on your blog about what bottoms and shoes you’d wear with this amazing shirt for five additional entries. Be sure to link back here. I’ve made you a simple bit of html you can copy and paste into the body of your post if you like, it’s a picture and a link all in one. See, I’m a giver.

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

Get your entries in by midnight (pacific time) September 21st. On the 22nd I’ll put all the entries into a box and have the kids pick a name.

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