Middle School


Jane burst in the front door this afternoon, her hair was damp from the swim party, her cheeks red, her jeans skinny and eyes huge.

“Mom I have Mrs. Lodge for my mentor teacher and my locker is on the bottom but it’s under a new boy and I tried for thirty minutes to open my locker and I only got it open two times but the new boy promised me that he’d help me open my locker and I’m in advanced Spanish and I’m scared of SeƱora and I have all my classes with Sophia and I love middle school.”

And she said it all without taking a breath.

What I heard was, “The new boy likes me and Spanish might make me cry.”

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7 responses to “Middle School”

  1. That’s what I heard too. I think she will be fine…

  2. It also means YOU speak tween. Which means YOU’LL do just fine. :)


  3. cassie Boorn says:

    That is exactly what I heard too. :)

  4. Clearly there’s a consensus; Moms have to be able to zone in on the important stuff. All good news :)

  5. I heard the same …
    You got nothing to worry about. As long as she “talks”, you will “hear”. Of course you’ll freak out too ;)

  6. traci says:

    Oh, my! This is my second time reading this today and both times gave me chill bumps. It is one of those moments that make you so happy and terrified to raise a daughter.

  7. Deidre says:

    That’s what I heard tooo! Wow!

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