Every So Often I Remember that My Life is Perfect

This morning I got out of bed at seven. I didn’t pop out of bed, in fact I’d been laying there for fourteen minutes after twice hitting the snooze button on the alarm. I can sleep for seven more minutes I’d tell myself before drifting back to a dreamless wonderland. Twice.

After a time the alarm clock wins and I get myself out of bed thinking just one more day and then we have two weeks of waking up when our eyes open. Just one more day of this.

I kiss my husband as I do every morning.

I get the kids up and ready for school. Alexander needs a little help with his contact lens this morning. “Let’s work on this,” I say, “because you need to be able to do it yourself if you want to go to summer camp.”

Summercamp is right around the corner and for the first time in twelve and a half years Mr. G and I will have a week alone in our home. We are planning parties otherwise it will feel a little like death.

“Unroll your skirt Jane.” I say because my daughter (rightly) recognizes that her beautiful long legs should be shown off. Schoolteachers and Headmasters will not agree.

We drive to school, they dance out of the car and join their friends for what promises to be a happy day of learning. I retreat to my iphone and stop at the grocery store to find a small cut of beef. Jane has been watching Food Inc yet again and I will make her a gardenburger.

I unpack the groceries, make the beds and head to yoga where I find that I am the only yogi in the restorative class. “My arthritis makes my wrists hurt. Can we do a dolphin pose during the Sun Salutation?” I ask, and the teacher sing songs about it being my practice, and we will both do what works for me.

And after a ninety minute yoga practice I findĀ splendorĀ in the mundane and recognize that I am the luckiest woman in the world.


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