Some time ago I was told that About Me pages should be written in the third person.

I had an about me page that marketers loved, but it made me sound like an automaton. I’m all done listening to random people.

Here’s the thing, I’m a mom in Los Angeles. I’ve got two kids, Jane is 15, Alexander is 12. I’m married and in addition to loving my husband, I like him.

After Alexander was born I needed some intellectual stimulation and I thought of joining a book club but decided to go back to school one night a week and get my Masters Degree in Education instead.

We have a dog, his name is Junior. He is useless, but adorable. Our cat Sparky is a serial killer, she is more useful than Junior but I love her less.

I’m a thoughtful consumer, and I like things green whenever possible. Nielsen called me Power Mom in 2008 and again in 2009 (there was no list in 2010 or 2011, I didn’t fall off the map, there was no map). Babble named me one of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers two years in a row. Forbes says I’m one of 14 Power Women to follow on Twitter. The Hive Awards gave this blog an award at SXSW.

Traffic has been steadily climbing. In December 2011 this blog broke a million pageviews.

I used to write at and Before blogging, I consulted with online retailers while running a thriving eBay business. I was a featured panelist at the Consumer Reports Health Summit, am profiled in The eBay Success Chronicles, Twitterville,Facebook and Twitter For Seniors For Dummies and have the #1 Los Angeles blog in the Facebook Network. I have been a Key Speaker at SitsCation, a panelist at Girls In Tech, a featured speaker at BlogWorld Expo, and at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference four separate times. I occasionally guest lecture at USC and UCLA.

You might have seen me on Dr Phil, I’ve been a guest there a number of times, recent TV appearances include the CBS Evening News, KTLA News, CNN, HLN, Wendy Williams, Fox and Friends and The Daily Show. I’ve been written about at the LA Times, NY Times, LA Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Ms. Magazine (my mother’s dream come true) and many many more. I’ve been on NPR a few times and if that was the only press I’d ever received that would be enough to delight me. I have traveled with both Oprah and NASA.

I will close up shop before I promote frankenfood which includes but is not limited to Monsanto and Con Agra.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I now have an understanding of Tumor Necrosis Factor and what TNF Inhibitors can do.

I honor embargoes.

If you are looking for a group of writers I can help you. Call 818.486.9363 I have a tremendous network of bloggers both in the US and Canada. My outreach is spectacular.


Past work includes The United Nations and

Contact info:

Please do not call for earned media. Please do not ask your intern to call. They sound like they are close to tears on the phone. 

Jessica Gottlieb
c/o ABMG
21700 Oxnard St
Suite 2050
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Consulting: I am available to help connect women and brands


PR:  I’m probably not the right person for you. The answer is usually no. Please don’t pitch me articles your clients have written, interviews or alternative therapies for any condition. Also if you want a contest promoted you’ll need to buy ad space because if I tell all my friends about your contest then I won’t have very good odds of winning.