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Mom – This IS What I Do

Every phone call starts the same way.

“Jessica, my friends ask me what you’re up to and I don’t know what to say.”

“Tell them I’m a blogger.” I respond.

“But how do you make money as a blogger?” She asks.

And then I sigh, really loud, because if I had to spend several hours explaining to my mother just how a blogger makes money then I’d have to charge her a consulting fee. Because I think we all know that every douchebag with minimal knowledge of HTML and CSS (can’t sell shit) is a social medial consultant.

Here’s what I do for a living.

  • I take care of my kids and my husband
  • I play tennis and go to lunch
  • I tell you my stories on Whrrl
  • I blog about my family and sometimes overshare
  • I use twitter
  • I’m launching an ad network, soon I hope
  • I’ve got an app waiting for approval in the iPhone store
  • I’m going on Dr. Phil to tell you moms don’t suck

How do you make a living doing this? You didn’t really expect to get all my secrets, did you?

Need something else to read? My interview is live with Social Media Club LA.

8 thoughts on “Mom – This IS What I Do”

  1. Let the vaginas go. I read it once. I even went and looked at the pictures-eeewww. Yes, overshared and by making that post the link it’s like double overshare.

  2. Sam, since I have an extraordinary amount of gay men who read me, I find it wildly entertaining to reference the girly bits. As I write I can almost feel y’all gagging…. and why would you want to take my fun away?

  3. Thanks for the explanation, but I still don’t quite get all of it. Maybe I’m just too old. But I do think you are terrific and smart and I’m real proud to be your mother.

  4. I get that question all the time. Although, I’m not a blogger, I run a software company…so it’s really unnerving and annoying when people ask me that shit.

  5. Congrats on Dr Phil! I hope you tell us when you are on so we can point at the tv and say “Hey! I know her. We are like this. Seriously. We go waaay back. So it is almost like I am on Dr Phil too!”


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