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It’s Not The Chicken Pox But Rather A Hex

It’s not the chicken pox, but now Jane’s running a fever.

I got the most depressing news of all at the doctor’s office, and after it hits the papers (soon sadly) I’ll share it with you.

Anyhow, it’s either a rash from virus or a reaction to the Azithromycin that I took this weekend. Either way, my stomach looks revolting… and not just because I’ve had kids.

Cross your fingers that Alexander doesn’t get it too.

1 thought on “It’s Not The Chicken Pox But Rather A Hex”

  1. pox, hex, it’s all the same misery. hope it does not keep multiplying in your house.

    and as for hitting the papers, I surely hope your rash is not going to be on the front page!

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