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LA Auto Show

A super quick update.

I made it to the Los Angeles Auto show today and I was really happy to see so many old friends. Michelle and I were there for the unveiling of the new Porsche Boxster and the Ford Fiesta.

Mr. G and I are car shopping this year for two new cars. We’ve got a combined budget that is very large, and I’m okay with one fancy schmancy car and one modest one. The Boxster was at the top of my list for my husband, but the 2010 version just got knocked off the list. At $62,000 the Boxster is 173 pounds lighter than last year. Here’s why:

  • No inside door handles
  • No air conditioning
  • Manual convertible roof
  • No rear window visibility when the roof is up
  • No pushbutton ignition

It’s fast and light, I get that, from the outside it’s stunning with a very retro feel. Unfortunately it’s just a stripped down Porsche. I know the economy is bad, but if I want a discount Porsche I’d just buy a used 911. The Panamera is amazing, but it only seats 4, and I really need a car that seats 5.

So it’s a pass on the Boxster because I need amenities, like door handles.

I did like most of the Lincolns, the Chevy Volt, there’s a Honda I adore, and ooh to the Aston Martins. Check the Whrrl Story, the 2010 cars are beautiful and there are a lot of good choices.

The reality is that I’ll probably spend the next few months driving these cars and buy the same two BMW’s in different shades of gray. Pitiful really.

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4 thoughts on “LA Auto Show”

  1. You have to promise me you’ll pick me up for lunch once you get your new car. After lunch, you’ll get drunk and I’ll drive. See, it all works out in the end.

    And yes, door handles are a must.

  2. I know everyone is going ga-ga over the Boxster Spyder, but you are wasting your money on it. For less money, even in The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, you could do an ecu flash and an aftermarket exhaust, get an extra 40 horsepower AND have money to pay for the gas!

    Paying for the privilage of having a soft top it takes three minutes to erect, the lack of A/C, sound deading, handles etc etc, no thanks. Love the styling, but not for a premium.

    A Spyder is a stripped down car that should cost LESS not more! And still for even less money you buy an 05-06 model with a proper 6 speed manual for $25K and really have money left over.

  3. Lucky girl!
    I am trying to find a vintage Mercedes – a square one, with a real bumper, early to mid 1980’s. I’d love a convertible.
    I’ll probably die still driving my old Nissan. I’m out of town 3-4 days a week and don’t need a car those days, so I’m okay with it. I GUESS.

  4. I’m getting old if someone is calling an early to mid 80’s Mercedes “vintage” Vintage should be pre 1970, though technically I know, at least for insurance purposes it’s 25 years old, or older.

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