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A Snapshot

My husband was standing outside our front door. I was on the stair below him, and Jane was kicking her soccer ball against the front gate.

As I reached out to hug my husband, and Jane came flying across the yard with helicopter arms and a magnificent smile.

“Me too! Me too! Me too!” She yelled, and wormed her way into our embrace in exactly the same way she has for the past eleven years.

Paying attention to my marriage is the first gift I can give my children.

7 thoughts on “A Snapshot”

  1. Yes! Excellent message. My mother always told me that the greatest gift a father could give his children was to love their mother. And vice versa. So very true, and I think it applies to divorced couples as well.

  2. absolutely!! so many of us forget that our kids learn about relationships through watching their parents interact with each other. if they see that their parents actually like each other, they will go on to HOPEFULLY have functional, loving relationships too. because we took the time to nurture ours in front of them.

  3. Jessica,
    I love this sentence of yours:
    ‘Paying attention to my marriage is the first gift I can give my children.’ may I quote you in my relationship work?

    Thank You,


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