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Every moment of July has been busy. Alexander’s birthday means I’m baking cakes, organizing dinners, parties, shopping and quelling the occasional meltdown.

It’s all too much for him, it’s all too much for me.

The birthday was fun. Alexander woke up early and didn’t let us know. Mr. G. has returned from a business trip at 1am, and Alexander sweetly wanted to let him sleep. Both kids were allowed to eat junk cereal, he opened presents, and then we went to meet my brother for an hour of Go Kart Racing.

There was blood, and thank goodness it wasn’t the kids (or me).

After Go Kart Racing we had burgers, and a trip to Game Stop. We basically said “yes” all day long. We got a phone call saying his new glasses were ready, and my son got to look smashing on his birthday.

Moms: you do NOT want your little ones getting Silhouettes if they are active. They lasted exactly five weeks before breaking.

We ran to the farmstand and loaded up on strawberries, and then came home to relax a while. The kids had drum and guitar lessons, and then we went to Hot Wings Cafe to meet up with the rest of the family. All 843 of them.

On the way to Hot Wings Jane and Alexander were monkeying around, and Alexander fell. And he bounced. On his head.

It was this horrible moment where your little boy trips and falls, doesn’t get his hands out in time, and you watch him hit the ground so hard that he bounces back up, only to fall and hit again.

And I wanted to cry.

Thankfully Mr. G was there, and there were minimal tears. Minimal.

We had dinner, hot wings and hamburgers on the same day were very nine year old-ish, and then off to Baskin Robins for a two scoop sundae for the birthday boy.

Naturally the kids had a hard time waking up on Thursday, and they were a little late to camp. I played tennis, hurt my knee and spent the majority of the day feeling sorry for myself.

You see, I’ve got this crazy swelling in two of my knuckles, and I went to the doctor this week. Why? Well after two years I thought it was time for someone to take a look at it. The hand specialist says there’s nothing wrong with the bones, but he’s sending me to a soft tissue expert. The soft tissue expert is a cash only doctor, and now I feel better knowing that for $450 he will have to look at two knuckles and a knee. $150 a joint, right?

When I picked the kids up from camp yesterday, I whisked them straight down the 405 to Irvine where we went to Dave & Busters to meet friends. Dave & Busters is sensory overload in every way. Naturally Dave & Busters was followed by a trip to the shoe store and then to Pinkberry.

The kids passed out in the car, and we didn’t get home until 10pm.

Today I’m baking a cake for Alexander’s birthday party tomorrow, and buying all the paper goods.

Monday I’m going to sit down and contemplate my navel. July is a busy month.

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  1. First time visitor… :) Your life this week sounds CRAZY! And to think I was feeling sorry for myself because my hubby has left me single-parenting for 3 days while he camps with 25 tweens…nope…I still feel sorry for myself! Hope your life slows down a bit, and I can’t even imagine paying that much for a doctor visit…I’m Canadian :)

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