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Contact Lenses

This afternoon I will take Alexander to UCLA. As Dr. Rosenbaum had promised before he passed, nine is the right age to start wearing contact lenses. Today Alexander will be fit for them. Next week we will pick up his lenses.

I am so incredibly sad, and it makes little sense. This is a wonderful moment for my son, he’ll no longer be the redhead with glasses. Quite an unusual sight at just four months old.

I like being the mom of the little boy with the red hair and glasses. I like looking at him through his lenses, it’s all we’ve known. It’s the way I see him.

I’ll make this a wonderful day for myself as well. I won’t let Alexander see that I’m not as excited as he is.

4 thoughts on “Contact Lenses”

  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, he still should have glasses to wear when he doesn’t have his contacts in. And you may find that he won’t wear them all the time! It’s a lot to deal with for a 9 year old, so he might wear glasses more than you think! :) Good luck to you both!

  2. Don’t get rid of the glasses yet!
    Though no doubt Alexander is a very bright boy, nine is still pretty young to be
    responsible enough to care for those lenses.
    My twins are 14 and I have my doubts that they’re that responsible.
    Just saying…..

    PS Really enjoyed your stuff at UCLA class last night, thanks for sharing.

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