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So I took Alexander to the eye doctor yesterday. I knew his eyes weren’t even and I knew that the eye exercises weren’t helping.

So he’s having surgery next week. Dr. Velez will tighten his left eye muscle going upwards about 3 mm and his right eye will turn in 2-3 mm by loosening the outer muscles and tightening the medial set. The doctor asked Alexander about leaving some stitches in the eye and “fine tuning” it the day after surgery. Alexander and I both got queasy and tearful hearing that. Although it’s a medically sound procedure it’s not a match for my son.

So next week the doctor will cut into Alexander’s eyes and my soul. If I seem anxious, it’s because I am.

8 thoughts on “Surgery”

  1. i totally get it.  my son just had tubes put in his ears.  super simple super easy surgery.  he was out of the operating room in ten minutes.  looooooooooongest ten minutes of my life.  hands down.  my thoughts are with you and your little guy.  :)

  2. My youngest daughter had eye surgery at four months old to remove scar tissue and a cataract (she had a rare condition called PHPV) in her right eye.  She is mostly blind in that eye, and faces a series of surgeries, including eye muscle surgery, in the near future.  It’s OK to be anxious–there is no such thing as “minor surgery” when it’s your kiddo on the operating table.  Prayers for a successful surgery!

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