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If Stripping is Recession Proof it Makes Sense to Get the Kids Started Young

Times are tough. I know that here in America we’ve added back a lot of jobs but The Great Recession knocked the wind out of our collective sails. Apparently Canada is having trouble too because some parents are signing their daughters up for for a series of pole dancing classes. Oh, and when I say daughters I mean kids. And when I say kids I mean girls because everyone who is anyone sees a pole and doesn’t think FIREFIGHTER they think STRIPPER!

There’s a trend now towards having kids specialize young and some folks don’t think that college is necessary. I’m thinking a class like this is great for your tween particularly if she’s clearly already very seductive (as we all know that tweens can be). When do you think exotic dancing is legal? I mean you could use larger pasties and a bikini instead of a G-String and these girls could be earning a decent wage by the sixth grade.

Also… I remember my friend Scott talking about his girlfriend 20 or so years ago. She was very petite and he referred to her as a “little spinner” I’m SURE it’s because she took this dance class. Right?




2 thoughts on “If Stripping is Recession Proof it Makes Sense to Get the Kids Started Young”

  1. Pole dancing for tweens? In Canada? I have no words. Unless you count the sounds of vomiting words.

    As for the PR woman who doesn’t think college is important? She spelled “no one” as “NOONE”.

    CLEARLY, she failed all her classes.

  2. Not that I think it’s the best idea that 8 year old girls should be learning to pole dance, but I do want to at least throw out there that not all pole dancers are strippers. There is a workout trend that started about 13 years ago and has become increasingly popular called “pole fitness”. It does not involve dancing like a stripper, but does include teaching the pole tricks, which require quite a lot of strength. Since you have a blog and feel the need to be so vocal about this, do try to be informed before you open your judgmental mouth.

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