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Girl Power

I’ve spent the last two days connecting with amazing women. Every bone in my body aches, I’m tired of smiling and even more tired of talking. I just want to listen. I’m off to a party hosted by DECA, I’m pretty sure everyone there will just want to talk about themselves. Today that is a good thing, I don’t have any words left so it’s best that I’m surrounded by people who need to talk.

The kids are done with the work part of school, there is no more homework and Jane takes her last test tomorrow. Relief is an understatement. There are two a half weeks left to the soccer season and then we’re free and clear.

Junior can’t eat dry food yet, but he is bringing me squeeze toys and he doesn’t whimper anymore. He is healing nicely but still looks like a pirate. Perhaps I should get him a proper poodle haircut next time?

Mr G continues to delight me. This weekend we were talking about kids and porn. I said to him, “You’re going to have to talk to your son about this soon.”

Smirking, he asked me, “What conversation do you expect me to have?”

And I began with, “This isn’t what women really look like, and it’s not what they would do. This isn’t how we treat women, porn objectifies everyone…”

And I could almost hear myself talking over his gales of laughter.


2 thoughts on “Girl Power”

  1. When you talk to boys about porn you must pick a place where you have no eye contact and there is a natural exit strategy.  The car is good place, when you are about a mile from home and your son knows he can get away from you, quickly.  And yes, I’m completely serious.

  2. When you talk to your son about porn you need to do it in a place where you have no eye contact.  Try the car when you are a mile from home and he knows he has a natural escape.  And yes, I am completely serious.

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