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June 2014

You Can Eat Around The Green Part

I’m still working on a good post for y’all about New Orleans. My only souvenirs were two jars of Tabasco jelly, some solid perfume and the three pounds I gained. I walked everywhere but when you walk from a restaurant to a bar and back to another restaurant the weight gain is inevitable.

The first meal I had alone was at Coop’s Place. I had read on some local message boards that it was not to be missed but there was some issue about what the best dish is so I decided that I’d try a taste plate.

coops place taste plate

It was listed with entrees on the menu so I wondered if it came with anything else. Oftentimes entrees will come with a vegetable. The conversation with my server was indicative of many conversations I’d have in the coming days.

“Baby you ready to order?” How all of Louisiana can call me Baby and make me love them will always be a mystery.

“Yes ma’am,” I learn quickly, “I’ll have the taste plate please. Does that come with anything else?”

“It’s the gumbo, shrimp creole, red beans and rice with sausage, some rabbit and sausage jambalaya and a piece of fried chicken.”

“Right but are they any vegetables with it?” As I asked she looked confused and ran her finger down the menu. I continued, “Anything green?”

“Oh no baby. I think there might be a few slices of green pepper on the plate but you can eat around it.” She said pleased and helpful.

“Well I was hoping to get some veggies to eat.”

With a look of understanding she said, “We have some mixed green salad.” But the face that accompanied this revelation told me that it wouldn’t be very good.

“It is worth ordering?” I asked.

“Baby you’re going to have to get your greens at another place. Maybe later at another meal.”

Can I just say that I didn’t miss having a vegetable? The jambalaya was one of the best dishes I’ve eaten in my lifetime. Everything else was also really great. The gumbo was sent from heaven but the jambalaya will be something I remember for the rest of my life.