Illness is Expensive

And time consuming. I spent four hours with doctors, pharmacists, radiologists, and phlebotomists. I will spend the entire day Monday doing paperwork and hoping that my health insurance will pay for Simponi, which is a $2,000 a month treatment. If I had a real job, I’d be on disability right now. Which is tragic.

Sobbing in the Shower

I am home from a fabulous nurtuing weekend in the desert. A weekend alone with my family, a weekend without obligations, emails or telephone calls. A weekend that marks the end of the High Holy Days, a weekend that left me feeling pure, alive and exhilarated. During the three days I had time alone with my son, and then some time alone with my daughter, and time with just my husband. Everyone had one on one time with one another. And it was good. As my second week of using …