definition of agency sociology

Tomorrow I’m meeting with some people from the city. We’re scheduled to discuss the prostitution problem in my neighborhood. We don’t have streetwalkers and pimps, we have massage parlors. We have massage parlors that no one ever enters from the street. We have massage parlors that use their rear entrances with free parking. We have … Read more

Reflecting on 9 Years at The Wesley School

I’ve just signed the contract for Alexander’s High School. Now that we’ve completed the application process for a second child I’d like to talk to you about The Wesley School where both my children¬†attended elementary and middle school. In the coming weeks parents of middle school kids and then a week later elementary students will … Read more

Tocaloma: Thank You Gifts

Every August as camp winds down I go in search of the best gift ever for the owners of Jane and Alexander’s favorite camp. They’re both women, so we’ve done candles, purses, and keychains. We’ve done wine and food, and the only gift I’ve never given them is a public referral. This is the problem … Read more

Luxe Rodeo Drive: The Perfect Sleepover Staycation

Earlier this summer friends and I had an amazing dinner at the Luxe on Rodeo Drive. I’d mentioned that it’s the perfect place for a staycation so we pulled out our calendars and they gave me a pair of rooms Monday Night. The most difficult part of a staycation with The Luxe Rodeo was figuring … Read more