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TypePad Conversations

When most of us were kids, answering the phone during dinner was frowned upon. What rules have you established for your children’s cell phone habits?

Oh I’d forgotten that, and remember how rude it was considered to call someone during the dinner hour. We don’t have devices at the table. Even though my son doesn’t have a cell phone yet, he’d be just as likely to bring his iTouch to the table if he thought he could get away with it.

My daughter is eleven and she’s aware that her cell phone is only technically hers. I read all incoming and outgoing text messages, and she knew when we bought it that would be the deal. We’re teaching our kids that everything you write, in every venue should be considered public, and your Mom should be comfortable reading it.

We’re working on the manners, you know what I’m talking about; not using the phone in the middle of the grocery store, no loud talking… the subtleties. I often remind the kids that I’m not trying to punish them, I’m helping them learn something new.