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Opoli App: Limousines On Call, No Pricing Surprises

opoli logo Last week I went to a launch for Opoli. It’s an interesting app and it’s taken everything that’s right about Uber and made it just a little bit friendlier for both consumer and driver. Here’s the gist of the Opoli app (and website too).

Drivers pay a monthly fee to be included in the Opoli fleet. I am unclear on just how much this fee is because I’m not licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission so I can’t be your driver anyhow.

Opoli is an app that you use basically to hail a car service. It might be a Tesla, a towncar or an SUV. The app required no instruction for me. You click to request a car, it could be that you’re looking for one right now (as you would with Uber) or that you’d like to schedule an airport pickup (hello real live convenience!).

In any event you put in your pickup address, the time and day you’d like to be picked up and the number of passengers and then (this is where the app is really different) you enter your drop off location. The app then suggests the amount of money you should pay and you can either accept this or modify it. Your request is then sent out to cars in the area and they can either accept your price or counter with another price. You can accept or keep going. With my second ride on Opoli I was looking for a ride from an event to my house and the app suggested $35, apparently there was a driver in the area who wanted to be doubly sure he got the gig and countered with $30. Fine by me!

Once you agree to the price your credit card is charged. I am madly in love with apps that keep me from having to find cash. Currently tipping is cash only but I’m told that tipping within the app is a feature that is coming soon. I love that while the ride is active you can see where the car is. Hello safety for kids in cars.

Of course the added layer of protection includes that you’re only dealing with professionally licensed drivers who are required to carry commercial insurance. It looks like Opoli has it’s eye on the hotel industry next and I’m curious to see what they’re planning there.

In the interim I have 19 coupon codes to give away for Opoli. Each code is good for $50 of fares. You’re welcome. There was supposed to be 20 of them but I gave one away to my husband’s assistant because she has become one of the most important women in life. In fact I was tempted to give her 19 of them and do a giveaway for one but I thought the folks at Opoli might notice and that would suck. It wouldn’t suck if I gave her $950 worth of Opoli credit, it would suck if we got caught and I always get caught. So, I have 19 codes to give away.

You’ll need to be in Los Angeles to use this so be sure to only enter if you live in LA or if you’ll be here within the next month or so. Then you can use your car service to take me out for cocktails or something.

Update: I’ve been notified by Opoli that it’s not a limousine service as not all vehicles are limousines, you may get a Tesla or a Town Car, some kind of SUV or Black Car service. I’m pretty sure you won’t get a Batmobile but I’m also thinking that if you get the Batmobile that will be pretty awesome. All drivers are licensed through the Taxi and Limousine Commission so even if you aren’t in a limousine you can totally pretend you are. Caphiche?

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