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ballet flats

Fendi Perforated Ballet Flats

This weekend I swung by Barneys with my husband and had a quick but not lovely shopping trip. Although I love the idea of a sale the reality of a sale is that stores are crowded, service is meager and you’re probably smack dab in the middle of two seasons with sale items being things you’ve already decided against or something you bought a month ago at double the price.

I find this colorĀ irresistibleĀ and snatched up these Fendi shoes because they’re perfect for a Los Angeles autumn (it’s the season we don’t actually have but we are proud of ourselves for knowing how to spell it). I was happy that they’d been marked down from $475 to $289 and pleasingly shocked when my receipt reflected a price just under $200.

Still, they’re impractical because the white is too white and I’m sure I won’t wear them for long.

The color though, does it remind you of something?