Tech Tips Tuesday: Stumbleupon 102 Reaping Rewards

If you haven’t yet read last weeks tech tip, you’ll want to take note of it first, then return here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Hopefully you’ve spent the last week with your toolbar installed and thumbing up sites and pages that you enjoy. I also hope that you’ve connected with a few friends from your address book on Stumble Upon.

If you’re a blogger or a domain owner take a moment and update your StumbleUpon Profile so that it has your URL in it somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, just don’t be obnoxious, and it will be found. Let me show you why it matters.

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Promises to the Sisterhood

I’m a blogger, I’m not a citizen journalist, and I make no claims that I’m fair, balanced, thoughtful or even correct every day.

I can offer you honesty.
Not everyone is prepared for honesty, it’s not always pretty.

Since it looks like the info will be leaked soon anyhow, I’ll let you know that I’ve partenered with someone much smarter than myself, and we’ll be launching a new business in the next few weeks days.

Since a friend is going to be at Mom 2.0 we wanted to bring her up to speed, and we also wanted to enjoy her company for a little lunch on Friday.

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Tech Tips Tuesday: Stumbleupon 101 Signup

More than once you’re probably had an email from me saying, “I didn’t leave you a comment but I loved your post and stumbled it.”

Oftentimes a post or a site will grab my attention and I don’t have anything to add to the conversation, but still I’d like to share the discovery with a few (million) people.

I do this for a number of reasons:

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