Remember When I Thought My Son Was Pretending He Was Sick?

You know… yesterday… Well, my friend had picked the kids up from camp and delivered them to my house. When I walked out to the driveway to greet everyone she told me, “the counselor said he was really surprised that you didn’t come pick him up. He seems pretty sick.” I hugged Alexander and asked him if … Read more

We Didn’t Pass All the Interviews

Jane’s Outward Bound application is officially complete. Yesterday she had a ten minute phone call with someone from their staff. She stood in the courtyard at school on my phone shuffling her feet, smiling, laughing and saying things like, “I’m kind of nervous about that but I’m excited too.” and after a lot of yeses and nos … Read more

Jane Prefers her Wings

Jane was an early walker. She was toddling around my house by nine months, and on first birthday as I prepared food for guests she stood on my dining room table jumping for the chandelier. Jane is an athlete, but she’s not overly competitive, she just wants to play. Jane was happy in motion, and her … Read more