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car shopping

Car Shopping: Part 783

You may recall that Jane recently requested an SUV or a crossover for her first vehicle. I’m open to this.

What I never mentioned is that my mom has been making noises about buying herself a new car. She has a 2006 Lexus RS400h that lives in a garage, visits only the Lexus dealer and has less than 40,000 miles on it.

As much as I love some of the new vehicles out there I want that car. Did I mention that it’s fully loaded?

Mom had a checkup recently and they found out she has a healthy heart so I figured I’d help her celebrate.

pay me to take your car

We’re taking suggestions on what my mom’s new car might be.

Also, don’t tell her that a new battery is probably half that. Because if she had good information she might not pay me to take the car off her hands.