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Solo Parenting Day 2

Day one was fine. We’re all used to one of us being gone. Junior was delighted to have half the bed to himself and I went all crazy and slept without the air conditioner on (did I mention that Mr. G would thrive in an igloo?). I haven’t bothered with mascara and shaving my legs is completely off the table. My clothes match but just barely. There’s no one to dress up for and I’m taking full advantage.

We went shopping on Robertson so Jane could get some new pants from Paige.¬†While we were walking to Starbucks Alexander felt cold so we found him a cool sweatshirt at Kitson men. Men. We’re shopping at men’s stores now. The LA/NY of it felt appropriate for the season. Jane still has a gift card from LF but right now everything is too short for school. We’re waiting for longer versions of everything to appear.

I should mention that Jane also made off with my Alexander McQueen flats and though it’s sad that they’re no longer mine they do look awfully good on her.

It’s just too bad that after a lovely day with the kids I couldn’t sleep without my husband here. Part of me will never sleep soundly without him.

I’m about to make my children a casserole for dinner tonight. If you’ve ever eaten with Mr. G you know that casseroles aren’t things he eats. The same goes for stews, chilis and hot cereal. For the next three days we’ll have a warm house with plenty of casseroles, Indian takeout and lots of chili. I’ll wear no makeup and possibly look homeless by Thursday. If you see me on Superbowl Sunday and I’m holding a cup please resist the urge to put your loose change in it. This is the Gottlieb version of lemonade from lemons.