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Motherhood and Sinking Feelings

Jane has too much on her plate. This morning she had no skirts, they’re all in her locker at school. She’s forgotten to bring them home. I know that she has four. I’ve bought four for her within the last month.

Math was full of tears, and science brought on sobbing.

I can’t help her with this. She just has to work harder, and probably get rid of the weekday sports. I also have to shut off all telephones and computers and make the evenings 100% about the kids and homework so that there are no distractions. iChat is gone, cell phones are gone, and playdates are a thing of the past.

The problem is that Jane sees this as a punishment where I just see it as a logical consequence.

That’s not true, the real problem is that I hate the thought of Jane losing her freedom, and I hate the thought of being tyrannical, but I don’t see any other option.