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Is it 2012 Yet?

I woke up at 4.45 am with Mr G so that he could shower before running to the airport. He’s back to New York City for some sort of meeting or conference or maybe he’s just doing some stealth work for the New York Giants… it appears that his screaming from the sofa here in Los Angeles is oftentimes helpful. Perhaps they could use his coaching expertise in person?

On Thursday he’ll leave New York and meet me in Mexico for a quick little trip without the kids. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I love the idea of three adult days. I’m not so sure Mr G is happy about it though. He really likes being home, and he was already mumbling about how he hates coming home late on a Sunday.

I tried to buy Kidnap and Ransom insurance but it’s no longer sold for short trips. You have to buy a full year’s worth, and I’m not up for spending that. If we get kidnapped just know that no one will pay the ransom and you can hang out on twitter and look for a new favorite mommy blogger (I am your favorite right?).

I’m stunned that 2011 has sailed by so quickly. I’m not ready for winter, I’m not ready for holidays, I’m not ready for much.


Check out this trailer. Dying to see the Hunger Games, I loved the book.