A Sink Full Of Dishes

It’s the mark of a day well spent. Just past noon I finished the last of the kitchen scrubbing and the leftovers went into a pot for Chicken Soup and Matzoh Balls. Yesterday morning I awoke to the news that Doc lost his Sister in Law. It wasn’t completely unexpected, but everyone thought there’d be a little more time. She wasn’t quite an Aunt to me, but she wasn’t not family either. It was a strange and sad day followed by a boiseterous and decidedly joyful evening. We spent the …

It’s a Bit Like Not Writing a Thank You Note

Only Tackier. I’ve taken advantage of a zillion opportunities offered to me because of this blog, and guess what I’ve done? I’ve gone out and partied myself to death instead of taking a few moments and properly saying Thank You. Thank you for giving me a voice. Let’s start with the inauguration day party. It was great, why? First off, it was at my house, which I always appreciate because it means I stand a pretty good chance of showing up on time. Secondly, there was a caterer.

Inauguration Day

I can’t tell you who will be here. I can’t tell you who is sponsoring the party. I shouldn’t tell you who will benfit from it all, or give you the imdb pages for the guests. But it’s going to be good. It’s going to be here.