More Rats? Or Is It A Gottlieb Now?

Mr. G and I were were sitting with Alexander in the family room, which is open to the kitchen, but also has a sliding door (complete with dog door) to the back garden. My boys were playing with the PlayStation and I was trying to understand it. I came dangerously close to caring about it when all of a sudden my son and husband saw a rat run in through the dog door and make a sharp left into the kitchen.

Mr. G and Alexander leaped into action, my husband guarded the kitchen so the rat couldn’t leave (remember it’s a galley kitchen) and Alexander ran upstairs (because he’s smart). Naturally we were all barefoot, and anyone who’s seen a horror movie knows that rats will nibble your toes off. I went upstairs and got some boots on, and my husband yelled for the kids to bring him shoes.

The kids wouldn’t help. Stinkers.

I did what any self respecting blogger does.

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