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Vinnie Politan

I Only Show Up for the Lashes

Earlier today I was on HLN’s Prime News talking about three chicken nuggets. There’s a story in the news of bureaucracy gone bad (is there any other sort of bureaucracy story to tell?). A four year old girl in a state run (or perhaps funded) daycare had her lunch taken away because it didn’t include a vegetable. She had a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, a bag of chips and an apple juice. The cafeteria worker took the child’s lunch away and told her that it wasn’t nutritionally complete and gave her school’s hot lunch instead. The (understandably) picky eater had three chicken nuggets for lunch.

What IS a chicken nugget anyhow and why are we feeding them to children?

Vinnie Politan was barely able to control himself and started snacking on potato chips while was trying to resemble an adult and make salient points about how we need invest in trained cafeteria workers. I tried to not laugh but I’m not sure how well I did. I didn’t record the show on DVR and they don’t share segments online so I doubt I’ll ever see it.

The makeup room at CNN Hollywood is a sight to behold. With three chairs and three hair and makeup artists these women are able to paint your face, do your hair and have you out the door in 20 minutes or less. I just love going there for the lashes. The lashes are the real reason I want to show up and everyone who has ever met me knows I want long and thick lashes. false lashes

Of course as I was finishing up Dr. Drew was sitting down to get his hair done. We commiserated about kid movies, and he totally wins because he has three kids to please but I only have two. When I got home I was telling Mr. G and the kids about the day and when I mentioned Dr. Drew Jane said, “ooh I know that guy, he’s a rapper.”

I should punish her for making me feel old. That’s reason enough, right?