Dining In

Yesterday I had a little surgery on my gums. The Dentist took a bit of skin from the back of mouth on the left side and then he pulled my gums lower on the right side and added the skin he stole from the other side of my mouth. It’s the tooth next to my canine tooth so the pain is excruciating, it hurts in spasms and flashes on pain that radiate through my sinuses and right into my eye.

This morning Jane decided she wanted to go sleep over at my Dad’s house for Shabbat and spoiling. This means that Alexander will be an only child. It’ll be Mr. G, myself, My Mom and Stepdad and Alexander for dinner. I asked Alexander what he wanted for dinner and he quickly replied, “Whatever you make.”

“Honey, Mommy has a really bad headache, maybe you can pick a restaurant.” I prodded him.

“We can bring food in.” Was his quick reply.

“Alexander I’m feeling really bad, I don’t want to have to clean the kitchen.”

“It’s okay,” he responded, “Me and Dad will take care of everything.”

Dinner it is. Dinner at home, where everyone really wants to be.

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