My Husband Tried to Kill My Son Yesterday

I brought my son to hang out with his Dad yesterday at about noon.

When I returned home from a great sushi dinner with Jane, Lolita and her kids, I saw my son sitting at the counter eating White Castle Hamburgers. Once my head stopped spinning I asked about the rest of the day. They had a great time together, and my son told me about their snacks throughout the day:

Bananas (good)
Muffins (not so good, these are essentially tiny cakes)
Hot dogs from the vendors at the ball park
Chips (I had the presence of mind to not ask which kind)
Chicken Tenders, again from the ball park vendors

There might have been some doughnut holes in there too, as well as some chocolate, but they only told me about the “meals” they managed to have in a six hour window.

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  1. When my daughter was a year and a half, we had a “Daddy Daughter day” – I took a day off while my wife worked. I couldn’t resist the opportunity – taking pictures throughout the day, when she had her nap I Photoshopped my daughter playing on our roof, drawing at her toy desk with open bottles of rum and tequila, eating a tube of toothpaste, etc. I posted them online, and everyone thought they were hilarious – but ultimately I had to take them down, in case someone thought them not so funny. A proud Daddy’s sense of humor isn’t appreciated by all.

    My wife didn’t let me have another “Daddy Daughter” day (kidding) – I saw a tiny crack of a grin when excitedly showing her “what we did today!”

  2. I spent the day at my nephew’s pre-school this week and must admit that when I saw the kids open their lunch boxes I was horrified. Parents thought they were feeding their kids good meals but all I saw was packaged, processed food laden with sugar and salt. This is a huge problem and one that should not be taken lightly.

  3. Ohhh. Those White Castle Hamburgers are NASTY. I would have lost it about those too.

    But he had fun at the game right? Those ballpark dogs are pretty hard to resist…

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  4. ^ When did Whitey’s make it to CA?

    Also, from the dad secret files, both of them, getting in trouble (even if its not real, real trouble) is a bonding thing. You are facilitating, yeah for you!

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  5. Ah, the special memories made during father/son time! My boys never get upset when I go somewhere without them. They love “boys day” at our house. Video games, nasty Cici’s pizza, Sonic and all sorts of fast food items await them (my husband doesn’t cook. at. all.).

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