The Parents of the Sexy Dancing Kids Go On Good Morning America

And they are (not surprisingly) totally inarticulate. Cory Miller is very proud of his daughter.

For background see my last post.

I’d also encourage all parents to read my post about privacy. Our behaviors are seldom private any more, and I cannot even bother to comment about putting this in context. There is no context necessary.

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  • Suki

    Wow! These parents need a dope slap. Here’s a glimpse into your future… your daughters are going to come to you at 13 wanting to wear belly shirts and tube tops with their daisy dukes! Come on, wake up! You know the world we live in. You couldn’t see this all over utube and the internet the moment you saw the show? I find that hard to believe unless you live under a rock. Have some sense and some class. Your children are counting on you.

  • zahava

    well wasn’t that just a pedophile’s delight! some people should just not be allowed to procreate…

  • Mary-Ellen

    The cluelessness of the parents, dance instructors, and contest officials is denial at its highest peak. Do they ever wonder why their 12 year olds are having sex? Our society has so lowered the bar on what is decent and respectful for people at all ages that we can no longer make the connection between what we do with our kids at 2, 4 and 6, and their behaviors at 12, 14, and 16. I’m the grandmother of a six year old girl and I would be ashamed to see her perform like these girls. Fortunately, her parents have more sense.

  • Katie

    I watched the video of you talking about second guessing yourself every night. It sounds like you are the one with serious problems if you worry every night before you go to bed.
    You are being nasty and judgemental to really talented girls who love to dance. Hopefully they will grow up confident and won’t second guess themselves every night.

    • Jessica Gottlieb

      I was very clear in stating that those kids are TALENTED.

      I watched a number of other videos from World Of Dance and I didn’t see a lot of pelvic thrusts, though I did notice that the other kids seemed to be older.

      Is pelvic thrusting something we outgrow?

      I hope I’m never a smug parent. I hope that I do reflect each day and try to be a better wife and mother than I was the day before. I will never ever apologize for using my judgment. Judgment is good, it separates us from animals.

      • Jill

        What I got from Jessica’s video log was quite the opposite. I think what she was saying is that we can’t look away from this because a part of us wants to see something so awful so we can congratulate ourselves on being good parents in at least one area. We can all band together and say, “Hey look at THOSE parents. They suck! They are terrible!” and at the same time we are patting ourselves on the backs for being better than they are. It’s a great way to feel superior. Admitting that is pretty big. I applaud it.
        However, I would be uncomfortable watching a grown woman gyrate like those little girls. I don’t like it. The girls are very talented. They need dance routines that reflect their talent. Gyrating and shaking your butt don’t have any place in an 8 year olds dance routine. Jessica has stated her position and, in my opinion, has not been “nasty” at all. I can’t say that for all of the posts. Some of the parents are horribly judgmental using terms like “mini-sluts”. I agree that THAT is unnecessary.

    • The Caffeinatrix

      Katie, those girls are doing dance moves that you seen in strip clubs and nightclubs where it’s commonly known as “booty dancing” and it’s INTENDED to be overtly sexual.

      Sexualizing children, as if they are little adult women, is just wrong. If you can’t see that then *you* might be the one with a serious problem.

      • EMMY

        honestly unless u have every been to a show you would see that they are COSTUMES !!the outfits are just for show, and they are doing very complex dance moves, i guess its for the viewer, when i see this i see very talented girls who are doing what they love, while others see too sexy, i mean come on they are little girls!!! how can a 8 year old be sexy? its the viewer!!

        • Candace

          You are using something called circular reasoning: “They wear these costumes to dance competitions therefore they are appropriate for dance competitions.” That is not an argument. Just because it is done that way, doesn’t make it right.

          No one is saying an 8 year old is sexy. People are saying an 8 year old has been coached and costumed *by an adult* to perform a number that mimics motions that signify sexuality. If an adult did these moves, it would be “sexy”. So an adult teaching a child to dance in ways that an adult would if she were trying to be “seductive” is absolutely repulsive. On the part of the adults…not the children.

          The children are just children. Talented children. And they deserve better.

          • Jill

            Wow.. Candace.. impressive. You said it very well.
            Emmy.. if you find yourself using more than one exclamation point, you may need to take a breath. Debating an issue while upset is never a good idea.

  • Carolyn C Shaw

    Mary Ellen you are correct. The parents that condone this type of dance expression for under 18 years old let alone 8 and 9 year olds is inappropriate. It does not matter what society is doing you are the parent you have an assignment given to you by God to protect and shelter your child from inappropriate behavior. Gyrating is not cute when you are not an adult. Dressing to match what the adult entertainment world does is not appropriate for your children and as long as parents allow their child to be exploited society will remain the same and hurt our children emotionally and set them up for inappropriate behavior, acceptance and exploitation.

  • Beverly Livesay

    The real problem is with the dance teachers who do the choreography and select such costumes. The organization that sponsors the competition should have more age appropriate standards, give better guidance to the teachers, and not permit entries that step over the line. Of course the children see nothing wrong with it. They only know what they are taught and what their parents condone. Those moves do not mean to them what they do to adults. The parents are in a tough position. The are not dance professionals and have swallowed the line of professionals that should know better. Dance steps and moves can be (and are) taught and judged using more age appropriate material. Parents that rock the boat are seen as pariahs and have the choice, too often, of denying their talented daughters an opportunity they should have to learn dance and to perform appropriate material. Lets support parents ability to protect their children, and condemn the ones that are perpetuating and probably profiting from this. The good news is that there are opportunities for children to have appropriate dance instruction, teachers that have more sense. Maybe parents need help to find them. We all agree that they are ultimately responsible and are the ones that will suffer the negative consequences.

    • someone concerned

      I agree with you that the dance teacher(s) should have selected more appropriate material, but like the fallacy of putting the responsibility only on the school teachers for what should be acceptable student behavior at school, to fail to make these 8-9 yr-old girls’ parents culpable, accountable, for what their daughters are learning is to suggest that once a kid is born the parents aren’t in the loop.

  • Holly Eckert

    This interview shocks me. The stupidity of these parents shocks me. I am a professional dancer and a choreographer who has dedicated her adult life of over 25 years to the art form of dance. Dance is an art form. It is a serious art form that can address serious subjects. It DOES NOT INCLUDE SEXY OUTFITS WITH RHINESTONES!! To hear these parents claim that this kind of trash makes up the art form of dance outrages me and horrifies me. People dedicate their lives to the art form of dance. They make beautiful pieces of art inside this form about very serious subjects. These parents need to actually attend a real, art performance of dance. These girls are not practicing the art form of dance. They are practicing the gross commercialization of the art form of dance which robs the form of dance of any value. It would be like including a yoga sequence inside Dancing With The Stars, which by the way is also not a representation of the art form of dance. The parents are right in recognizing this as a product of popular culture, a part of our culture that has lost any integrity it might have once held. These girls could be dancing about subjects that address their feelings and experiences as little girls. WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS NOT THE ART OF DANCE!! It does not represent the art of dance either performed by little girls or by adults.

  • Don Kircher

    JonBenet Ramsey

    least we forget why this is wrong

    Just because it is in pop culture does not make it right. Just because animated characters
    do it does not make it right. If the animated characters perform the moves banned at recent
    proms does that make it okay? (lap dancing, bumping grinding hunching & humping). Two
    Winnipeg teachers were fired for their lap dancing at a pep rally. If the chipmunks do it is it

    Both the children and their parents are products of the larger community that reared them.
    If no one says it is inappropriate how can they possibly know?

    This is why conservative Mennonites do not allow television or radio in their
    homes. Their little girls have never heard of Beyounce or Lady Ga Ga either. They still wear
    ankle length dresses and pigtails. They still have the innocence of a child. They ARE children.

    • Natalie

      You had me at JonBenet, but…

      Mennonites do have televisions for educational purposes, even conservative ones, and I disagree with the notion that rejecting pop culture automatically bestows innocence. It’s up to parents to put these kinds of images into context for their children.

  • MagicalMindz

    Say Jessica, thanks for hosting this discussion as it clearly has been informative. I think everyone’s opinion has some merit; even the angry or nasty ones. Many of us women have been treated very rudely and unfairly over the course of our lives and careers simply because we were women. That residual underlying anger is felt in these posts. How can “girls as objects” still be happening to our daughters and granddaughers?

    I could truly grasp the rage of the professional dancer. I had a dedicated dance instructor many years ago who would have cried that such baloni is called dancing. The parents may not really be such “bad people” ~ just misguided perhaps; naive and part of a culture they think is the norm. There’s no question that women feel extremely strongly about issues like this and even quite a few men.

    On the flip side; and please forgive my candor ~ I also think you were vastly overstating your case in the video. Your anxiety was palpable and somewhat dramatic. In fact after reading Katie’s comments I realized that your video troubled me about as much as the dancing story. Katie’s right, it was excessive. I don’t believe you were nasty and everyone is judgmental. If you have an opinion in life you’re Judgmental. Katie was judgmental too. But I did feel a sense of slightly manic alarm. You’d die in the rural south where dressing up babies to win contests is the norm.

    I’ve raised seven kids (stepchildren, my own, one over which I had guardianship and one passed away). We cannot “control” every little outcome for our children which it sounds like you are trying to do. If you remain awake night after night over analyzing every decision you made during the day you will drive yourself and your family crazy ~ if you haven’t done so already. This is not normal nor is it healthy ~ frankly it sounds neurotic. Cut it out. Get some sleep. Let matters be. I actually wondered if possibly you seek out these strange parenting stories in order to help yourself feel better. If you can’t trust your judgement (and that’s what it sounds like) you may want to find someone ~ or several someones ~ to discuss things with PRIOR to making decisions so that you can live with them and get some sleep. With seven kids, the oldest is 40 and the youngest 25, imagine how much sleep I would have lost if I agonized over everything I did? You’re going to make mistakes and that’s OK. Who hasn’t?

    Babies generally keep us awake. But as kids age they will always remain your precious children, even if you’re 90. We ALL worry sometimes but relentlessly stewing all night long every night for 11 years is peculiar behavior for a responsible adult. Let the the kids get into the habit of making important decisions with you and your husband together so they can learn HOW to make decisions so you can get some rest. Talk things over BEFORE making decisions. Life is unpredictable ~ things happen. Nothing is perfect.

    The world can be a truly beautiful but sometimes a very disturbing place. Stop making things worse for your family. You will not be able to arrange perfect lives for your little ones. Learn to deal with this in a better fashion and I think your anxiety will disappear. Good luck to you and may your life be blessed with people who understand you and perhaps can help.

    • Jessica Gottlieb

      I think about things at the end of the day. I’m not losing sleep. I think you have come to a few strange conclusions.

      Manic? Controlling?

      And yes, you are absolutely correct, I would not be happy in the rural south. I would not be happy in the rural anything.

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  • Gwen

    Looking at that video is disturbing – I see young girls trying to grow up before their time. They are wearing sexually suggestive clothing and performing moves that aren’t unlike those at a strip club. Aren’t parents supposed to protect their children from the dangers that are associated with this kind of thing? Instead, it just looks like the adult world is forcing their adult ideas onto these children.
    There is nothing wrong with allowing a child to perform in activities such as these, but somewhere, someone has to draw a line.

  • Debi (Truthful Mommy)

    I posted about this very subject on Friday. I can’t believe there are women/ or any parent or adult in general who would argue this is acceptable. This routine was a train wreck of epic proportions. I concede that the children can dance, but the music choice and certainly the costume choice should have raised a red flag in most parents eyes. I have daughter’s in dance and I would never see these red flags and not questions somebody….its my child for heaven’s sake. I am their advocate. These little girls are not culpable because they are too young. There parents certainly should have been more aware of the situation, the WOD panel should have seen this on paper and realized no good could come of it, and the coach/choreographer…well,either they have no sense at all or used absolutely no judgment. How could they not think this was a bad choice. This world is full of a lot of crazies and it was irresponsible of the adults involved to let this routine come to fruition on the stage done by 7-9 year olds. I had a gamut of opinions in response to my post as well, so Jessica I know how you feel. I don’t know why they choose to attack us,we are only using our brains and stating the obvious…little girls tarted up and dressed in trashy costumes dancing to a song about a single lady giving away the goodies ….is NOT a good idea. Seriously, is there an adult in the house?

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  • Char

    I love how the mother says that the costumes are made for unrestricted movement and that dance costumes have ruffles and crystals on them. I was in dancing when I was a child an, she’s right. Our costumes were hand-sewn by our moms from a specific pattern to be unrestrictive and they all had tons of sequins and ruffles on them. But, I can tell you for a fact that they never were skimpy! They covered our butts, boobs and tummies. There is also the bathing suit comment, but I think kids bathing suits are too sexy nowadays, too! Toddler bathing suits have high cut leg openings, skimpy bikini tops and sexy cut-outs and such! I had the hardest time finding clothes for my little girl, who will be 14 in August. I ended up buying her a lot of boys shirts and jeans because I couldn’t find clothes I deemed appropriate. Its a shame that more alternatives aren’t offered.

    • EMMY

      char, by putting yor child in a bubble u are going to make her want to rebel!! the clothes now a days are fine! and a 2 year old in a bikini is adorible! not sexy i mean come on, some people are just sick to call 8 year olds sexy ?

  • Lynda

    I can’t believe this! These parents are so trying to make it normal to raise little prostitutes, because that is what they are doing! SICK SICK SICK! So, when their little prostitute gets pregnant at 13 what are they doing to say then? It’s normal? these kids need to be removed from their parents! These kids have no idea what they are doing and are not mature enough to know what they are doing is wrong!

  • Megan

    The kids sure have talent, more than just a little. I don’t think their parents were wantonly prostituting them, as some commenters seem to think, but I do not think that they were protecting them sufficiently either. Minus some pelvis gyrations and more cloth covering skin and this would have passed my radar. But it didn’t.

  • Test

    Test comment

  • Dyann

    It doesn’t matter the “context” in which this is viewed. If you want your daughter raised so she turns on pedophiles, you’re playing a dangerous game.

  • concerned_mama

    Isn’t it interesting that the mother in this interview said she won’t let her 8 year old daughter watch music videos…really, then why on earth would you let her perform like she’s in one???!!!??? Ignorance, on the part of the parents and the dance instructor, will get these girls into trouble of epic proportions by the time they are 14, 15, 16 years old or even younger. It is our job as parents to teach our children how to cope with the ins and outs of pop culture, not how to assimilate with it in order to win a stupid dance contest!!! The little girls are NOT to blame here, they worked hard and they are phenomenally talented and they don’t think there is anything wrong with their routine. It was up to the dance instructor(s) to come up with a routine of age appropriate content and up to the parents to set boundaries. Since these parents are more concerned with their own image then their childrens’, I’m afraid these little girls don’t seem to have any resources to help them see what is right/wrong nor anyone to tell them when a line has been crossed. And I’m afraid that a very big line has been crossed in this case…

  • Heather @ Brace Yourselves

    Ok I think watching the parents justify this was almost as bad if not worse then watching those little girls grind like that. I can’t believe the mother said that the costumes were designed to be not restrictive as a defense. You know what we wore when I danced as a little girl? Tights and leotards with rhinestones on them, our whole bodies were covered and we still managed to be dance unrestricted. But frankly, that is only a part of the issue. You could put sweatpants and long sleeve tshirts on these girls and the movements would still make it inappropriate for 8 or 9 year olds.

    These little girls are good dancers and capable of something much more appropriate. I don’t even care about the song, they can dance to the song but it a more modest way, surely.

    As a mother of a daughter who is only 11 months old I fear for her generation. When bikinis are on sale for infants and 8/9 year olds are wearing lingerie on stage, where will we be in 8 years? 15 years? What will the dance teachers ask my daughter to wear? I guess I will be the “uncool” mom that pulls her daughter out of dance class. No way would I let her wear anything like that.

    On a final note, why is the big point that this wasn’t meant to be viewed by the whole world? It was meant to be viewed by several hundred people at a dance competition. Several hundred people seeing your daughter dressed/dancing like that shouldn’t be anymore acceptable than two million people viewing the video. It’s equally bad Mr. Miller.

    • Lynda

      I totally agree with you. I am glad I don’t have kids when I see things like this because the future for them doesn’t look very good when you have parents and society justifying this type of behavior.

    • concerned_mama

      I 2nd that Heather. Whether it was a small roomful of people or the world wide web, this routine performed by these little girls should not have been seen by ANYONE, because it should not have happened in the first place. Period, full-stop. Nuff said.

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  • Jill

    Everyone is posting the same points. We all agree. Perhaps two people are opposed. This is what makes it so easy to feel good about ourselves. It feels good to be superior, doesn’t it?
    Hey.. I know the dancing is wrong. We all do. But, enough already. Why not just crucify the parents? “UP ON THE CROSS.. THEY ARE EVIL!!!”
    Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. I agree the children should not be exploited that way – but the main points have been covered.. from here on out it’s just a matter of preaching to the choir.
    I apologize for my candor, I don’t mean to insult anyone. We all want to be heard. I understand that.

  • S. Wilson

    No one should wonder why child sexual abuse is on the rise..this is just great entertainment for Pedophiles!

    • Jessica Gottlieb

      I’m not willing to say that child sexual abuse is on the rise. I imagine reporting is, and that is good, because that means our children are trusting us enough to tell us.

  • someone concerned

    Sorry, but NO! The reaction of the “world” is NOT improper or taken out of context.

    What the hell are we teaching these girls (at 8 and 9 y.o.) is appropriate behavior? Are we telling them that performing body movements that are sexually suggestive appropriate for them at this age? If those parents are so CLUELESS about what is appropriate for children, then maybe we SHOULD require licensing for becoming a parent: no pregnancy until you can prove that you’re smart enough to have a child and raise it with APPROPRIATE morals!

    I’m not a “church-ie” or religious by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, I find organized religion repulsive and reprehensible. My response is VALID because my significant other’s 22-yr old daughter was raped at university this spring and fails to understand that by dressing like a slut, regardless of her “intentions”, she’s not just showing how pretty she is, but she’s sending a message that she’s inviting a sexual response by exposing herself that is going to provoke a hormonal, visceral response in others. Even though we know how she was dressed that night, she blames everyone but herself and takes no responsibility for the outcome even though her friends say she was too drunk to stand on her own.

  • Wendy S

    My question is this: couldn’t those GIRLS show their obvious dance and athletic talent with a different choice of music, choreography and costuming? Sure they could. But the instructors at the dance studio went for shock value and in my opinion, have no integrity for doing so. If it were one of my daughters, I would have discussed my concerns but pulled her out if they didn’t make a change to something more appropriate. I simply don’t want my children in the care of what should be responsible adults that would even think on any level this was okay and not sexuallizing the dancers.

  • commonsense

    These dance studios rake it in at the expense of destroying our youth right under their noses…

  • Maire

    these are just little girls dancing. They are very talented too, I might add. Anyone who views them as sexy has issues. For goodness sakes their dancing, thats it. Get a grip.

  • Maire

    these are just little girls dancing. They are very talented too, I might add. Anyone who views them as sexy has issues. For goodness sakes their dancing, thats it. Get a grip.

  • Mindy

    Hey girl! This is totally late for the topic but did you see me on Fox and Friends talking about this video?? Let’s gloss over the total irony of fox wanting to hear anything I have to say and my willingness to go on the show. But you can imagine how badly I wanted to say how WRONG this dance was. I also loved that we could not find a single person willing to go on the show to debate the other side. Not the parents and not another parent. I love that you were one of the first to write about this and will forever mourn not having been a fly on the wall in your home that week. Rock on.

    • Jessica Gottlieb

      Um, no. If you want me watching Fox And Friends you need to either call or email and say, “Jessica, set your DVR, I’m going to be on Fox And Friends.”

      Because I’d have been here cheering you on.

      • Mindy

        Here’s the post with links to both the dance video (suggest you skip) and my interview.

  • Beverly Livesay

    Either “someone concerned” did not read to the end of my comment before reacting or somehow I did not make it clear that it was the parents who were responsible for what the children did. I was merely pointing out that being a parent is a tough job with a lot of societal pressures and that we somehow need to provide help to parents not condemnation. It is clear that if no parent allowed their daughter to participate OR if no teacher had such poor judgement; there would be no problem. Since there was, we are all hoping to influence things so that children will be protected.

    • Jessica Gottlieb

      Beverly, this is such a touchy subject, that I myself find it difficult to read comments. We all want to jump out of our skins.

      It’s difficult to be dispassionate, and I adore that we’re having the conversation.

    • Mindy

      Try not to cringe. It was 4 am.

  • Nancy

    I think the people who are responding in a negative way are clueless about dance and dance competition. The yelling and cheering done by the audience is in support of the girls technique and meant as that “cheering” and “good job” not as anything else. I was to send a big high-five to the parents that have stood up for these girls. They are super talented and you are great parents for trying to control what the public has trying to make something negative.
    My own daughter is in dance and dresses completely different at dance then she does at home or at school. Best wishes and good luck at future competitions.

    • Candace

      Again, “this is what they wear at dance so therefore it is okay to wear at dance” is not a logical argument.

      Leaving that aside for a moment…it is possible to have a “costume” that does not look like a person’s everyday attire, and allows freedom of movement, and accentuates the lines of dance, without it looking like a Pussycat Dolls review.

      To your other point, no one is saying that the audience is cheering because they are turned on by little girls. I do sincerely doubt there are entire communities out there that are that sick. The point is that by cheering moves that emphasize sexuality, they are encouraging a certain attitude and behavior in young girls.

      To recap, the little girls are not sexual. However, they are being dressed, trained, and choreographed in such a way that is clearly a copy of how adults behave in sexualized performances (strippers, music videos, burlesque shows). A display of dance skill does not require striptease moves or a vegas show girl costume.

      The fact that a dance mom can’t see this, just means you are like the frog in the pot of boiling water…heat it up slowly and you don’t even realize you are being cooked.

      And, frankly, I can relate to that. I have personal felt the subtle pressures of wanting to not make waves so my daughter can do an activity she enjoys with her friends. It is tough sometimes to know where to draw the line and even harder to back away from it if you realize it has been crossed for you.

      • Jill

        This kind of component fallacy is known as “Begging the Question”. Writers assume as evidence for their argument the very conclusion they are attempting to prove. This is also known as “circular reasoning”. As Nancy stated above – “The reason it is okay for little girls to wear this kind of outfit at dance is because this is the kind of outfit little girls wear at dance.” Her argument is not logical.

        Also, @ Someone Concerned – your opinion is not “valid” because your significant other’s 22 year old was raped. This is an irrelevant conclusion, ie: it has nothing to do with the current debate. Whether the 22 year old was dressed appropriately or drunk is not related to the sexualized dancing in this video. Were you trying to show a cause/effect relationship? Was your significant other’s daughter a member of a dance troupe that wore sexualized costumes at a young age? Your judgement of this girl is simply your own personal judgement. Therefore, your argument is not “valid” just because you want it to be. Even if you use all caps.
        I agree that rape under any circumstance is wrong. I’m sorry your loved one had to go through this. I urge you to be more compassionate toward her. Often times, alcohol abuse is a symptom of a bigger problem.

      • Nickdali3

        candace let your daughter do sexy dancing

      • sps

        YES AGREED. Poor ignorant parents really are simply frogs in boiling water.

    • P.P

      I’m so late to this topic but I just can’t resist on commenting. I agree with you totally Nancy.
      Speaking as someone who actually grew up doing these things, I really think that some of you should chill a little. I had done this kind of dancing when I was their age and didn’t think of it as something sexual. And let me ask you this. Have you seen little kids do ballroom? In competitions? They don’t wear much more than this and especially the latin dances? They shake their hips, gyrate and make faces to a male partner. But, i bet you will manage to justify that as art coz it’s ballroom. How is this any different? And the parents from the vid are right, we ware less clothes so we can show off those lines that we worked are butt of to achieve. Think of it, there’s practically no type of dancing where the dancers don’t wear revealing clothes. Look at ballet, those leotards leave nothing to the imagination so are you gonna make your kids quit ballet now? Times change, culture change, perception changes Modern Dance is here to stay and don’t belittle it because you don’t understand it. Those kids are amazingly talented and they’re gonna grow up to be great dancers because they start out young. Deal with it.

      • sps

        Modern dance is a technique, a technique a large number of competitive studios have no real knowledge of besides the idea that it is done with Flexed feet.. ridiculous. Ever heard of Martha Graham? Jose Limon? Alvin Ailey? The list goes on and on.. True modern dance TECHNIQUE not “dance thats done in the modern day” such as this absolutely disgusting display.

        Dance is art, not sport. There is nothing wrong with competing.. sports teams compete. The difference is sports teams dont exploit their team members by parading them half naked in front of large crowds.. who knows what kind of people are watching and the perceptions they are making.. They could be VERY different from the ones that the choreographers and dancers and parents are attempting to.

        You work your butt off to show beautiful lines.. but unfortunately a relative few can appreciate those lines (simply the nature of dance), and the likelihood of people outside of the dance world developing an appreciation for those lines becomes even smaller when he audience’s eyes are going to crotch shots, booty shakes, bare midriffs, shimmy shakes, etc etc..

        The children may not know the implications of what they are doing, but the pedophiles, creeps and psychos who are masturbating to your child on the internet do.
        I reiterate.. nothing wrong with competition.. HEALTHY competition.. but the attitude, lack of creativity, lack of costumes and lack of artistry that dance competitions cultivate makes me sick to my stomach, especially as a serious aspiring proffesional choreographer and teacher.

  • skylord

    They are trying to legalize child porno. She is only 11 years old and less, wear
    striptease costume and dance like them, she splits leg and show her but to old men..
    And they say that it is art.. what a shameful

  • Bosux

    It’s pushing the envelope. It’s no wonder there is a problem with child porn and molestation.

  • vcc

    Girls age 9 to 13 are dressing so slutty and provocative these days, its no wonder pedophiles are jumping for joy with their luck.  And with cheap webcams available to anyone for 25 bucks, perverts can simply logon and see child porn being performed by underage kids.

    • Nickdali3

      ohhh yeaa

  • Nickdali3

    kids doing sexy dancing makes me horny

  • Nickdali3

    i like little girls shoes and black shoes there sexy little trainers

  • Nickdali3
  • Nickdali3

    when i see little girls pushing pushing there bellies in and out and rolling there hips gets me horny

  • Meeko