Friday Confession: Not Today

Today I’m not confessing, today I’m letting y’all know that the comments surrounding the Execution of Dr. George Tiller are alternately horrifying and fascinating.

When you comment here your IP address and email are recorded. Those of you who commented saying that Dr. George Tiller is a murderer and deserved to die? Well, I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding your data to the FBI.

This is domestic terrorism, and if you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

I hope you feel terrible, embarrassed and anxious. This is not your forum, there is no “free speech” here. This is my site and the decision is mine.

Oh, and the particularly vile one, you know where you compared Dr. George Tiller to Hitler? Why on earth would you do that from a workplace? I totally emailed HR. They sent me back an email saying that they don’t disclose the results of ongoing investigations.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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  1. I’d say that’s a good confession right there. Good for you. I’d probably have done the same. Have a fabulous weekend, Jessica! :)

  2. You go girl! I agree that it is domestic terrorism and no one has the right to take actions in their own hands. What happened to him was horrible.

    On a lighter side, stop by my blog and enter my one year anniversary contest. I’m celebrating one year of blogging AND being smoke-free!

  3. Jessica, you rock. I would have done the same. There is no place (or time – we have enough to worry about) for domestic terrorism in this country (though there seems to be a lot of it these days, two weeks in a row is frightening) – and certainly no place for its promotion on your site. Thanks for freaking these people out – they deserve it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Jessica,

    You invited commentary on your viewpoint by putting this blog out there. I have been most civil. I did not “call for the death of abortionists”.. They should be brought to trial for murder just as Scott Roeder will be. The “hate speech” you accuse me and others of has been mostly from the pro-abortion camp. Some of it is downright vile with all the profanity. In my opinion sending me a personal email and posting your comment saying that you are “forwarding our names to the FBI” constitutes a threat of harassment and I maybe I need to have my lawyer contact you on this matter. Thank you for your clear demonstration of how pro-abortion people operate when you know you have no leg to stand on.

  5. Oh man that’s awesome.

    And I know it will fall on deaf ears (blind eyes?), but Carole, pro-choice is not the same thing as pro-abortion. Advocating for a woman’s control over her own body does not equate to seeking out pregnant women and asking them to have abortions. Your inability to take in the bigger picture is one of the saddest things of all.

  6. Grace,

    Pro-choice/pro-abortion- you’re arguing semantics. Pro-CHOICE sounds so much nicer for the PR guys. NOBODY wants to be known as “pro-abortion”. All I said was that this issue has been made the poster child (no pun intended) for women’s rights-which issue I am in total agreement with. Unfortunately, abortioni$ts DO “seek out pregnant women” to get them to have abortion$ by their advertisements and websites. They do NOT want “informed consent” via the sonogram because, as I said before, their bu$ine$$ would evaporate. I HAVE seen the bigger picture- several friends babies born at 20 weeks (less than 1 pound at birth) thriving and healthy. Not to mention my “baby” sister who was born at 25 weeks (1 lb 12 oz.) back in 1966, now 42 years old. Again, I challenge YOU to “see the bigger picture” by going to the website I previously cited on the main blog

  7. WillibaldoEa,

    I hope by that you don’t think I have been “idle”. I have spent countless hours (up to 40/week)volunteering at our local Pregnancy Counseling Center and representing them to the community at schools, seminars, and other events/forums on STD’s and pregnancy issues. I was an “unwed mother” 40 years ago so I know firsthand what is the mindset of a woman in that predicament. I raised our 4 children including that one through college. (All are married and I have 7 grandchildren.) I did all the school organizations, PTA, Band and Football boosters and took in a foster child besides being very active in church. I was also heavily involved politically for 3 years with school board elections. I majored in chemistry 2 years in college (though not graduating because of afore mentioned pregnancy). I worked my Physicist /rocket scientist husband through school. There is a lot involved with being a “Housewife”

  8. “The “hate speech” you accuse me and others of has been mostly from the pro-abortion camp.”

    Would you mind then, citing the hate speech from the pro-abortion camp you speak of? I have read the entire comment thread, and the only comments I found were insults, not threats of violence.

    From the pro-abortion/pro-choice people, insults:

    1. Miz Liz (May 31 @ 4:58PM). “hypocrites”…”you reap what you sow motherfuckers”

    2. Mike (June 1st @8:22AM)”You probably are a Christian fundamentalist who isn’t far removed from the type of people who destroyed the WTC.”

    3. PDX (June 11 @ 12:27PM)”…educate your trailer- park of a mind”

    4. Meghan Harvey (June [email protected] 7:44PM) “suck it”

    From the pro-life/anti-abortion people, threats of violence:

    1. Alicia (June 11 @ 7:04PM) – “On a personal note, I think he should have his brains sucked out of his head–or had his body torn in two pieces!! ”

    2. CHAR (June 11 @ 11:26AM) – “Oh yeah ..I understand this is about that dr. that was killed and i do not agree with it myself but all i can say is an eye for an eye and he has taken out one to many”…

    3. Conor Baker (June 1st @ 7:21AM) “This Dr. Tiller was comparable to Hitler, of a smaller magnitude, and you, as a Jewish woman, should understand this. Now I don’t believe in murder, but I do believe in America’s right to line people up and shoot ‘em (you’re next Pelosi)….God Bless the Angel who just saved countless lives!”

    And since it appears you don’t have a dictionary at your house, here’s a couple of definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary, found here:


    • verb /insult/ speak to or treat with disrespect or abuse.

    • noun /insult/ 1 an insulting remark or action. 2 a thing so worthless or contemptible as to be offensive: the pay offer is an absolute insult.

    — ORIGIN Latin insultare ‘jump or trample on’


    • noun 1 a stated intention to inflict injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone. 2 a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger. 3 the possibility of trouble or danger.

    — ORIGIN Old English, “oppression”.

  9. THANK YOU kermit!

    I DO believe you have adequately summed up the collective mind of the pro-abortion camp-that being to hurl insults instead of discussing the issues like civilized intelligent human beings. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, “hate speech” currently includes hurling insults.

  10. As a Christian who absolutely abhors the work of Dr. Tiller and those like him, I *completely* agree with you and your decision. Those kinds of comments have no place.

    Nor do the comments from the other side, as kermit pointed out…

  11. I know I’m late to the table, I just wanted to direct my comments to Carole: I am a father, I love kids, and yes I’m still “pro-abortion” in cases where it’s warranted. It shouldn’t be birth control, but it shouldn’t be illegal either. It should be the mother’s CHOICE – hence the term, pro-choice.

  12. Post

    I’ll be the arbiter of taste and tact here, since it’s my site and all…

    1. lower your expectations folks, I am all about mediocrity and I don’t write tomes. I expect you to think, I expect you to fill in the gaps with your thoughts and opinions.

    2. I am more offended by links left in the body of the comment than I am by cursing, it’s a complete breech of netiquette and it fucks up the SEO I work so hard for.

    3. Via email, DM or blog comment I will never guarantee you anonymity. I am not a reporter, I am not beholden to anyone and I am subject to whimsy. If you cannot stand behind your words, my site is not for you.

    Carry on.

  13. Jessica, you rock 100% of the time. I truly enjoy your point of view, whether it be on weighty issues such as these or whrrling about lunch adventures.

    Just for the record, I am PRO marijuana legalization, PRO choice, pro thinking and pro “not doing things because you’re been indoctrinated into a set of beliefs instead of thinking for yourself”. I am against mean, hateful people and those that cannot respect other people’s right to do what they feel is right for themselves…I reckon me and God can discuss that amonst ourselves when the time comes…I wonder if they have twitter in the afterlife?

    1. Post
  14. Carol, I did not attack you. What I tried to point out is that there is a difference between hurling insults versus hurling threats of violence.

    What I saw was the pro-choice/pro-abortion people hurling insults and the pro-life/anti-abortion people hurling threats of violence.

    Hurling insults is of no interest to the police. Hurling threats of violence however, might be.

    Ultimately, it’s Jessica’s blog and she is the one who decides what’s construed as out of line, and enough to merit reporting to the authorities.

  15. Bigg,

    At which point in time did you decide that your children were indeed children? Most fathers are patting their wife’s tummy long before they are born and so many of the new parents today are getting prenatal picures done for the baby book. Pictures of babies the same age as those taken by Tiller, BTW. If you would just take a look at the development of a child in utero you would see that they are little people and not a glob of tissue. They are just in an earlier stage of development They have a heartbeat at 29 days and finger prints and footprints before 8 weeks, long before most moms even know they are pregnant. They have brain waves and writh in pain when the saline solution is injected into the uterous for saline abortions. When mom gets tired at the terrible 2’s stage or the adolescent stage she would be charged with murder if she did away with her baby. We turn away in horror at the moms who have made the news after killing her children. All this callousness toward humanity is building up and soon we baby boomers (I am almost 60) will be a huge burden to society in social services, health care etc. What’s to stop Generations X Y and Z from deciding that we are disposable? What goes around comes around.

    1. Post


      You have a good point, within minutes of peeing on a stick I was thinking of baby names and feeling very maternal.

      I agree with you in part, I don’t want to see women have abortions willy nilly. I trust that women (and men) are bright and thoughtful and that they are protecting first their own lives, their own sanity and (in some instances) the lives of the children they already have.

      In many ways I feel like abortion is wrong and bad, but since I’m neither willing nor able to adopt a child, I have no moral high ground. I have just the hope that mothers will love their children. Not every hope and dream is realized though.

      If we make abortions illegal we have deaths of our daughters (as I pictured). I would hate to think of a teenage girl dying because she is scared to have a baby.

      If I allow you to legislate abortion, what will become of the day after pill, or even the pill? If I allow you to legislate morality I have put my own daughter in peril. Not because I believe she will need an abortion one day, but because my terror is that she would and that you would have criminalized a legitimate medical procedure.

      If you are so deeply anti abortion I would urge you to spend some days helping the young mothers who are so desperate and alone. The young fathers who are so frustrated and poor that they abuse their infant children at a significantly higher rate than any other group.

      If you are so concerned about babies, and I believe you are and I believe your heart is in the right place, I challenge you to give your time the babies that are here.

      And yeah, there is much more to being a housewife… William really does “get it” his mother is astounding. :)

  16. I did not see the initial post about Dr. Tiller but I completely agree with the action that you’ve taken.

    And there IS a complete difference between pro-abortion and pro-choice. As a woman, I should have the right to do what I want with my body. I don’t think it should be available as a type of birth control just because “she” doesn’t want to get on birth control pills because they make her fat or “he” can’t feel anything through the condom. I don’t think lack of personal responsibility is a valid reason to get an abortion. But, I do believe that if a woman is raped, she should NOT have to carry the child of a violent sex offender.

    Now….would I ever get an abortion? Only if I was raped. And that is my CHOICE. And most of the pro-life people have to resort to violence to get their point across. I will always find it ironic/idiotic that the people who preach about killing babies would resort to killing another human being for doing said killing. *shaking head*

  17. Jessica,

    I am “so deeply anti-abortion” because it is just plain wrong! I’m ust like the people in the 1800’s who were anti-slavery! Just call me an “Abortion Abolitionist”

    Someone quoted Dr. Seuss, “A- person is a person no matter how small.” The Supreme Court made a mistake in when they deemed Dred Scott a non-person with no civil rights and they did the same for preborn babies with Roe v. Wade in 1973. I pray for the day they reverse themselves as they did with Dred Scott. If you could have spoken with the average Confederate sympathizer they would have said slavery is legal and therefore “legitimate”-the word you assign to the practice of abortion. That doesn’t make it moral or right!

    Since you are urging me to “spend my days helping mothers who are so desperate and alone”, let me expand on my resume’ with the Pregnancy Counseling Center. I am a 12-year veteran counseling women not to have abortions as well as helping women work though the guilt of having had one already. God WILL forgive anyone who WANTS forgiveness for this act. Sadly, we have found that the most vehement defenders of abortion are the ones who have had one already. We go with teens afraid to break the news to their parents and help them get on board with what their daughter is about to go through or present the alternatives. And we DO tell them what abortion is all about. When an adult helps there is 99% less chance the girl will experience any repercussions, like abuse or getting kicked out. We give pregnancy tests and sonograms (administered by a licenced technician.) We also provide parenting classes and give away NEW baby furniture and supplies for attendance. We’ve even been involved in weddings of single parents who’ve gone through these classes. If a woman is not up to raising a child we refer her to adoption services which now, in the 21st century, allow access to pictures, updates, and (in some cases) actual contact on her child so she can feel good about her decision. No more whisking the baby off into the night never to be seen again.

    Currently I am helping a young woman with 3 children providing child care and transportation (she has no vehicle)and generally helping her financially to get on her feet. You must have missed the part where I said I was a foster mom for one child (now 25). My son’s in-laws adopted 8 children AT ONCE (3 sets of siblings)after having them in foster care. They just did not want to part with them as is required by the system. There are approximately 50 adopted children and many foster children at our Southern Baptist church alone (and we aren’t that big either). So we DO put our money where our mouth is.

    So, since you brought it up, I ask all of you who call yourselves Pro-“choice” what do YOU do besides refer a woman to an abortionist and blog about it?

  18. The thing about black people (and any other people that have been screwed over in history, like the Jews, etc), is that they were people already born that could survive on their own if the laws about their personhood changed.

    The same is not true of a fetus. If a woman has decided she is an unfit parent (even for the 9 months it takes to carry a child to term), there is nothing you can do to convince her otherwise short of inventing an incubator. Since the invention of such an incubator is not in the immediate future, there is nothing you can do but allow abortions to take place in a safe environment. To me, that means a comprehensive directory of qualified, licensed abortionists (including alternative services like adoption agencies and counseling offices) that is widely publicised in at risk communities.

    Other countries that have access to safe abortions have a lower rate of abortions and teenage pregnancy. The difference? They provide comprehensive universal sex education – and education in general – that is mandated at the federal level (not left up to the local governments).

    “Sadly, we have found that the most vehement defenders of abortion are the ones who have had one already.” On what data do you base this opinion? The same anecdotal evidence one you used to say that the pro-abortion people were meaner/nastier in the Dr. Tiller post than the anti-abortion people – a claim that I disproved when I actually read through all the comments?

    Look, I am not saying you don’t do good work with your organisation. The point is that the issue of abortion reaches far beyond your community and your organization’s reach. What’s needed is a policy that works for everyone, everywhere.

    As for what I do, as a pro-choice person? I counseled my friend to have an abortion and will be going with her to assist with her recovery. Why did I suggest abortion to her? To carry the baby to term, she would have to leave school for at least a term. She was told by the school that if she leaves again (she left because of mental breakdown and then returned) they will no longer re-admit her. She has no surviving family (except a grandparent in a nursing home) and has worked hard to pay for schooling. The father of the child dumped her (as I told her from the beginning that he would). She’s a girl who’s had self-esteem issues for as long as I’ve known her and all the counseling and medication she’s been to obviously hasn’t helped.

    Why don’t I do more? My current personal circumstances (finances and time constraints) prevent me. The issue is not important enough for me to become an abortionist or a legislator. I prefer use my time to offer free credit couseling/financial planning advice to lower income people. I don’t live in the United States where the legality of abortion is an issue. Every time it has become one, I have voted against the election of that candidate and encouraged people to do the same. In my country, there are ads on buses and especially in poverty-ridden communities offering support to women that are pregnant (advertising abortion services, adoption services and counseling together).

  19. I would venture to guess that the most vehement defenders of legalized abortion are mothers.

    Because we don’t want our daughters to die.

  20. Saying that someone “deserves to die” rises to the level of being a “domestic terrorist?” Wow, that is harsh. I trust that you have never said, “Oh, I wish so and so would die.” If you have, by your own words your name should be forwarded to the FBI and you should be prosecuted for “domestic terrorism”. Somehow, I think the FBI has bigger fish to fry than going after women who comment on your blog. I know you think you are really important, but the FBI putting a case worker to investigate comments made to your little old blog? That’s laughable. FYI-this is the first time I have ever been to your blog. Have a great weekend Jessica!

  21. Abortion abolitionist? Please pardon me while I vomit a little.

    I am not pro-killing-babies. I am pro-women. I am pro-health. I am anti-young-girls-dying-in-illegal-abortion-procedures. I am anti-the-government-owning-the-choices-surrounding-my-body.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if men got pregnant, abortion would never be a political issue. It would not be rallied against. This is a movement against women, not babies.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    – Mother of two girls who were born because of a CHOICE, not a lack thereof.

  22. Oh, I lied. I do have one more thing to say.

    My mother is emphatically anti-choice. But we agree on one thing surrounding this issue – that both of us want better education and birth control offered to all of our young girls and boys on a national scale. The only way to cut down on abortion is to offer the ability to prevent it and the knowledge to back it up. Abortions will happen either way, and we can either banish it to back rooms or provide our citizens with the legal, safe care they deserve.

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